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Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 28 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 28th April 2017, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 28th April 2017 Written Update, Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update 28.04.2017

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 28 April 2017 episode starts with Mando taunts and curses Amla and says Police will arrest us if you die. She says people will badmouth about us. Mannu informs that Dev’s mum came. Amla says Maayi came. Bhao asks her to come. Neighbors gossip about Amla. Mando tells Viren why did she came now to ruin their plan. Pushpa tells Mando that she came to return roka’s stuff. Mando taunts Pushpa and tells Amla that they have shown their status and asks Amla to return their ring. Amla refuses. Mando asks her to return the ring. Amla recalls Dev’s anger towards her and takes out the ring from her finger. Pushpha takes the ring. Amla runs inside crying. She looks at her fingers and cries aloud. Bhao tries to console her. Mando asks Mannu to return their stuff and also gives money for their fruits. She insults Pushpa and asks her to leave.

Viren smiles and signs Mando. Mando goes inside and tells that they will be ruined. Viren asks them to have patience and says Amla is not alone. He tells her that some persons leave their life partner when in trouble. Amla cries. Viren asks her to marry and hide her leftover respect. Mando says he said right. Viren asks her to forget the happening and think it as a bad dream. He tells that we told Police that you went to meet your lover and he had beaten you. Amla says Dev never raised hand on her. Viren says we have to wipe this black spot from your head else you will never be able to get rid of it. Mando asks if you will sit here without marriage. Bhao asks Amla to stop it. Mando emotionally blackmails him and acts to cry. Amla cries. Mando says you went to meet Dev at that time. Bhao says you used to send her for work at that hour. Mando scolds him. Viren asks Amla to think and asks why you are punishing your family. Bhao says Mando can’t be wrong. Amla refuses for marriage and says Dev will come.

Dev is crying sitting on the mountains and says what I will do now. She left breaking my dreams. She has betrayed me. Amla takes out the ring which Dev had gifted her. Mando curses Amla and says Dev will not return. Amla says Dev will come. Dev tells Sultan that his friend killed her laadi when she betrayed him. He says he did right and says until she will be alive, she will pinch me and tells that he will be relieved when she dies. Mando tells that Dev will not come to take the defective piece. Viren lies to Amla that Dev wants to kill her rapists and then her. Bhao and Amla are shocked. Viren says he will be prisoned if he kills anyone and asks her to think about him atleast, and marry someone else. Mando asks her to give poison to them. Bhao asks Viren and Mando to leave. Amla cries.

Abeer is at the Police station. Neeru comes and asks him to explain his love story, and says you looks like majnu, but seems educated. She asks him what did you do with the girl. Abeer says I didn’t rape her. Neeru asks then who had raped her, and how did she land in hospital. She asks what did you do then, eve teasing. Abeer says we both have done and lies to her that it was consensual. Neeru tells him about the marks on her body. Abeer thinks about Viren’s emotional blackmail. Neeru asks him to say. Abeer tells that he was angry when she told that she wants to meet some guy. He tells that he had not done anything forcefully. Neeru says your voice is aloud and that too in English. You had raped her and left her alone. She tells that they will take girl’s statement, and if she tells it was rape then he will be behind bars.

Viren brings amla to police station to make her give statement. Karuna tries talking to Amla and asks her to tell truth. Neeru tells Amla that they will try to get justice for her if she tells the truth. Mando tells Viren if Amla opens her mouth then….Malik will be in trouble. Dev tells that he will kill the rapist.


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