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Laado 2 First Episode 06 November 2017 Written Episode, Lado 2 Written Update

Colors serial Laado 2 Written Update 06th November 2017, Lado 2 06 November 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Laado 2 06th November 2017 First Episode Written Update starts with an old man bringing a money bag for Balwant Chaudhary and says he sold 17 acres of land. He tells that he is eagerly waiting for girl to come and make him young. He asks him to take the money and handover girl to him. Balwant Chaudhary is shown as he takes money in his hand, and smiles seeing it. Balwant Chaudhary tells that one has to give money for the girl. He says he don’t like to take money, but as there is scarcity of girls in their village, his son kidnaps girls from other villages, it is quite difficult.

A girl Champa is going with her parents to her inlaws home. Her parents joke that she is becoming tan and tells that the groom is good and if the alliance is fixed then they will be happy. Balwant Chaudhary’s son surround the camel cart in which Champa and her parents are travelling. They tell Champa’s father that they will get her married in Veerpur. Even though her father begs infront of them to leave her, they forcibly kidnaps her. Champa’s mum cries as she is taken forcibly. Champa’s father comes back to his village and tell neighbors that Champa is kidnapped. The neighbor feels bad and tells that Balwant Chaudhary’s goons have kidnapped 4 girls from their village. He asks Champa’s father to think that his daughter is gone to her inlaws home.

A man keeps knife on a girl’s neck and asks her to accept his proposal. She refuses and cries. Anushka (Avika Gor) comes on her scooty and asks man to leave the girl, and says she don’t do illegal work. She says if the crowd gets angry then don’t know what will happen with you. She asks him to handover knife to her.

Anushka saves the girl. People tell that they shall handover him to Police. She says you shall be ashamed to be scared of him. she saves the man from public and takes him to police station and get him arrested.

Her sister Janvi is shown, getting afraid of honey bee. She calls her Dadi Amma ji and asks her to free it. Amma ji gets up leaving Gita path and frees the bee. Neighbor says we didn’t see woman like you. Amma ji tells that this small insect is made by God etc. Neighbor praises her. Phone rings. Janvi is about to pick the call and stops seeing Amma ji. Amma ji asks her to pick the call and asks her to make her understand not to call at this time. Janvi says if she makes her understand then she will call during this time. Amma ji says she changes house when she is here. Janvi asks her to pick the call.

Saroja asks Amma ji not to worry about Janvi (Palak Jain). Amma ji says I know. She says Anushka went far from me, but I will not let Janvi go from me. She resumes reading Gita and says nobody can tell what is going on in Anushka’s mind. Anushka talks to Janvi and tells that she got a man arrested in Delhi. Anushka asks her not to make lassi. Janvi wishes to go to Haryani and says she heard so much about Amma ji’s native village and their good story. Anushka says if you sit with Dadi’s support then nothing will happen. She tells that she is going out with her friends and asks her to convince Amma ji. Amma ji hears her and asks her to come home. Anushka is shocked.

Janvi gives lassi to Saroja. Saroja thinks she has done wrong by hiding truth from them and thinks if they come to know then they will not forgive them.

Dushyant informs Balwant Chaudhary that his son and goons have kidnap the girl.. He gets happy and asks his sister Rajjo to ask her daughter Komal to dance in the function. She calls Komal. She is brought by her bhabhi. Balwant Chaudhary looks at his niece. They plan to make her dance infront of Minister Jhakad so that he agrees to marry her. Komal cries.

Anushka comes home. Amma ji sees the scooter. Anushka tells that they are going to Hrishikesh. Amma ji calls Janvi. Janvi says she don’t want to go anywhere. Amma ji smiles and asks Anushka to wash her feet. Anushka puts her legs on the mud and gets inside the house. Janvi tells that Dadi loves them a lot. Anushka tells that she is going to Haryana with her friends for the college work.

Rajjo gives bridal clothes to Champa and asks her to get ready for the wedding. She is seated beside old man who paid money to Balwant Chaudhary and is getting married to him. Minister comes there and gives gift to old man and Champa. Balwant Chaudhary thinks to start a plan to trap Minister and looks at Komal. He signs at his wife and Rajjo. Rajjo asks Komal to dance. Komal thinks about her mother’s cheap words and cries. She starts dancing with the men on the song beede chalaile….Minister smiles looking at her. Champa cries as she is seated beside the old man. Minister goes to Komal and holds her hand, and then dances with her. Balwant, Dushyant and Rajjo gets happy. Old man touches Champa and gets happy. Balwant tells that his son gets prize for bringing such good looking girl for this old man. His son comes there and says jashn is good. Balwant gives him watch. He tells him that old man got the beautiful bride. His son looks at Champa and thinks he will only get her. Balwant’s son tells that he can’t bear to see old man having wedding night with Champa and will get her.

Saroja tells Amma ji that at one point of time, every one used to hear you. Amma ji gets sad. Saroja asks them to let the girls live freely. She shows the news on TV channel and tells that she can’t tell her own grand daughters whatever she has done. She tells about Haryani’s culture and men and tells that one is busy in education and other one is with her. She says she won’t let them return to Veerpur. Janvi says even I want to come to Veer pur. Anushka asks her to concentrate to convince her.

This week:
A thief snatches Janvi’s chain and tries to run. Amma ji throws aarti plate and makes him fall down. Janvi praises Amma ji’s boldness. Saroja asks did you tell them about your life. Balwant’s wife tell him that their son is ready to handle Veer pur. A woman is getting sold in Veer pur. Balwant’s son kills old man and comes to Champa’s room. Champa is shocked. Janvi gets kidnapped. Anushka runs behind the car.

Amma ji sends Janvi with Anushka and her friends. They get happy and hugs her. They cross Veer pur. A guy holds her hand. She brushes off his hands.

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