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Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Sonam gets in big danger due to Dhruv

Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd October 2020 Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Sonam and Milky arguing in courtyard about Dhruv and the story of Jackal told by him. Sonam tells Milky a different story of Jackal and warns her by comparing her with the animal that one day her secret and truth will surely come out. Milky gets angry and taunts Sonam with some idiom.

Dhruv gets a phone call and goes outside home where his friends are waiting, he tells them what happened inside. Then Dhruv asks them for a big box to kidnap and parcel Sonam listening which his friend gets angry on him. They also try to make him understand Sonam and his relation but Dhruv doesn’t want to listen anything as he got that Sonam returned him the engagement ring.

Milky, Nutan and Sheetal (Buaji) in Dhruv’s room encourage Milky to groom herself for Dhruv. They also discuss and plan to intoxicate Dhruv by putting Bhaang in pudina Chutney and get him close to Milky. Hulchul and Bablu brings a big box in house seeing which Dhruv’s father asks why are you bringing this box to which Dhruv answers that he asked for it and lies that its for sending needy people some ration in this lockdown situation. Shashikant (Dhruv’s father) taunts him that by doing something good outside will not help solve the problem inside his home.

In night, Dhruv is on a call with Munna Bhavani and tells him that at 12 am he will get the back door open and the box is kept near the girl whom he has to kidnap. After the talk he goes to his room and finds Milky smiling and waiting for him. He looks at Sonam’s picture in his mobile, whereas Milky ask him to come near her and closes the door. Dhruv gets disbalanced due to Bhaang effect, Milky handles him and he imagines Sonam in her. They both comes close to each other. On other side sonam is scared seeing her surroundings and thinking what Dhruv is planning to get send her away.

Dhruv in dizziness sees times and and what position he is in with Milky. He gets away from Milky and recall his talk with Bhavani. Four people enter Dhruv’s house in PPE Kit to kidnap Sonam but she hides herself and remembers Dhruv’s friends giving her a letter secretly awaring her about dhruv’s plan while keeping the box near her. By mistake she makes a noise which is heard by one of the kidnapper. She prays to God and Kidnapper by mistake makes pooja thali from temple fall. Hearing the noise Shashikant comes out to check, but the kidnappers hide themselves. Sonam thinks to shout but stops and asks herself to be strong.

Precap: Sonam thinks that everyone should know what Dhruv wants to do with her. To prove herself she records Kidnappers movements inside the house at night on her mobile and gets sad knowing that to what extent Dhruv can go to get rid of her. She also thinks how can he hate her so much.

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