Home TV serial spoilers Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th October 2020 Written Update: Dhruv gets exposed

Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th October 2020 Written Update: Dhruv gets exposed

Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th October 2020 Written Episode: Shashikantji stops Sonam from leaving the house

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story serial on Star Plus. The episode starts with Milky’s mother scolding Bablu and Hulchal for kidnapping Milky, when Dhruv asks her to stop and himself starts berating his friends. He tells them that he already had his doubts on them but he got confirmed when he saw Sonam’s call on Hulchal’s phone.

When Dhruv’s mother ask what does he mean by all this, he says the he will himself tell the truth and brings Sonam out from isolation, seeing which everyone gets scared that too might get contracted from Covid-19 virus through Sonam. He tells everyone that Sonam was doing Drama with Hulchal and and Bablu of getting infected and she was the one who kidnapped Milky with the help of his friends. Hearing this everyone’s gets shocked and angry on Sonam. Dhruv also compares Sonam with the dangerous Virus which hurts Sonam more.

He further berates his friends and Sonam in front of everyone. Dhruv also blames Sonam of snatching his best friends from him. He tells Sonam that now she got exposed what will she do now? Milky gets angry and is about to slap Sonam but gets stopped by Hulchal who stand firmly in support of Sonam criticising Dhruv for not taking stand for his love. Milky changes her behaviour just like a Chameleon changes its colour and forcefully hugs Dhruv. Seeing all the drama, Nutan Slaps Hulchal and calls him treacherous. She even questions Hulchal and Bablu’s relation with Sonam. Sonam in anger pronounces Tulsidas ji’s couplet from Ramcharitmanas related to friendship to prove Hulchal and Bablu Dhruv’s true friends. She further tells she is reading Ramcharitmanas given to her by Dhruv’s father, which makes Shashikant ji very happy and proud.

Sonam supports Hulchal and Bablu and also tells Nutan that she has become so blind in hate and selfishness that now she has crossed all her limits and leveled down by connecting her name with Dhruv’s friends and indirectly calling her characterless. This makes Dhruv a little angry and he reminds Sonam about her deeds during their marriage. Hulchal sarcastically questions Dhruv’s friendship and love and further explains that he knows he did nothing wrong and they did it for Sonam’s rights. Then he starts exposing Dhruv in front of everyone that he actually started this kidnapping plan to send away Sonam but by mistake Milky got kidnapped. This shocks everyone, Nutan refuses to believe Hulchal but Shashikant ji asks Dhruv what is the truth. Dhruv accepts that it was all his plan and also says that he will do it again and again to oust Sonam from his life. Sonam says she is not able to believe that is he the same Dhruv who loved her so much to which Dhruv once more reminds her of the mistake she did on their wedding day. He once asks her to get out which makes Nutan, Milky, Buaji and Milky’s mother happy.

Precap: Dhruv is about to once again oust Sonam from his house but Shashikant ji stops him saying that Sonam will not go anywhere. Nutan says except you nobody wants her in this house to which Shashikant ji replies lets do voting then confusing everyone. He further says that family’s votes will decide Sonam stay in house.


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