Home TV Mahakali 19 August 2017 Written Episode, Mahakaali Written Update

Mahakali 19 August 2017 Written Episode, Mahakaali Written Update

Colors serial Mahakali Written Update 19th August 2017, Mahakaali 19 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Mahakali 19 August 2017 episode starts with Parvati (Pooja B Sharma) deciding to face the problem rather than run from it. She decides to fight. Shumbh and Nishumbh think Kaali is yet to come and ask Parvati to call her. Dharuk crosses his limits by saying that Parvati is probably agreeing to become Shumbh’s wife and that is why she is not running away or feeling scared. Nishumbh says they need to attack Parvati so Kaali comes and he takes her at the point of his weapon. She burns it by a look and then reveals herself. She says she is Gauri and she is Kaali too. Shumbh and Nishumbh get shocked by this revelation. Parvati asks Dharuka to realise her mistake and get a grip on her own self respect. Shumbh calls forth his demons and attackes Mahakali but she kills them all. Later she attacks both Shumbh and Nishumbh while Dharuk asks Dharuka to stop her when she is the queen of this jungle. Dharuka says Kaali is Parvati herself who is her deity and she cannot stop the Devi she worships. Dharuk pushes her and says she is just his slave and wife should do what a husband asks her to. He begins to stamp on her and suddenly Mahakali turns to him leaving Shumbh and Nishumbh. She begins to kill him but Dharuka stops her.followed her Pativratha dhram her boon to be the queen of the jungle stands and through that boon she commands Kaali to not harm Dharuk. Kaali then informs her that the boon is broken as there is no Pathivratha dharm left now that the Pathi does not exist. She says that a husband is one who respects his wife also considers her his partner not his slave and so now she kills Dharuk.

Dharuka reminds Kaali that she had promised her that till the time she  Dharuka asks her to kill her too as she does not want to live as a shame to all womanhood. Kaali tells her she has to live to achieve her respect back and also as a proof to the world that whenever a woman is disrespected, Mahakali will come to avenge her. Kaali runs behind Shumbh and Nishumbh while Narayan asks Shiva (Saurabh Raaj Jain) what should be done now so as to stop her because he has vowed to Parvati that he would never make her step on him again. Shiva says there is not just one form of a woman and he needs to make Parvati come face to face with the other form in her. Shiva takes the form of Batuk Bhairav the child form of Shiva and presents himself crying infront of Kaali ass he creates a havoc chasing Shumbh and Nishumbh. He calls her ‘Ma’ as he cries. Kaali cannot resist but go to the child as she tries to calm him. She hugs him calming the crying child as well as herself. Narayan says this is the greatest power in the world that can even calm a power as powerful as Kaali. Later Shumbh and Nishumbh call upon Taadkasur who has a boon to never be killed by any man or woman. Laxmi commends Parvati’s motherly form and this brings tears to Parvati’s eyes as she walks away. Narayan asks Laxmi to follow her friend as maybe she would freely tell her the feelings alone. Narayan asks Shiva if he is aware of what he has done unknowingly and Shiva says not unknowingly but knowingly he has as soon it would become a necessity. Parvati on the other hand shares with Laxmi that she experienced great pleasure while consoling the child but also reveals that she can never be a mother.

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