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Manmarzian Latest – Radhika and Arjun misunderstood as husband-wife by a police officer

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In the current track of Star Plus’ Manmarzian, it is seen that after abandoning Radhika (Monica Sehgal) on the the highway in Lonavala late in the night, Arjun feels uneasy in his hotel room about her safety and goes back to look for her.

Arjun (Aham Sharma) doesn’t find Radhika at the same place and keep looking around for her entire night.

Finally he finds that she was taken away by a man on a cycle and searches for that man’s house.

He reaches the place and hears Radhika scream. However, Radhika is seen enjoying dinner while telling story to small kids of the man who helped her on the street and took her home.

Radhia taunts Arjun as being the monster for a princess as she is narrating the story to the kids. She taunts him that if he is himself scared, how can he scare others.

Arjun yells at her that he was frantically searching for her entire night and she should now come back with him.

Radhika says that she knows that he has come back to take her only because he could not find Sam.

They again get into a bitter argument and Arjun ends up lifting her in his arms and takes her forcefully into his car.

Meanwhile, Neel and Samaira (Sam) walk alone on the street as Neel wants to make Sam believe in love once again. They are at a spot which is full of darkness. Neel shows her a Fireflies (jugnu) that he has held in his hands, which cheers her up.

The spot is full of Jugnus, making its a very special moment and Sam enjoys being  around them. He tells Jugnu don’t wait for light in darkness and they light up themselves. Similarly, love will not wait for her permission and will find way in her heart.

Arjun and Radhika are in the car and Arjun is furiously drives car very fast and asks her where  is Sam. Radhika says she doesn’t know. Suddenly, Arjun dodges a car and both Radhika and Arjun meet up with a car accident.

Radhika regains consciousness and finds Arjun unconscious. Arjun is badly injured but hesitates to take help from Radhika who is trying to help him out.

He blames her to stop her drama of showing concern as she is a bad luck (panauti).Radhika starts crying and tells him that he was the one who left her alone on Highway and now drove the car so fast and got into an accident.

Arjun furthes tells her that she is another name for bad luck. Radhka tells him that he is a monster.

Arjun tries to get to out of the car and falls down. Radhika tries to help him, but he tells her that he rather get in front of a car than take help from her. he again calls her panauti.

Both Arjun and Radhika hear a police van siren. Arjun says that she went away from him and good has happened to him as the police has arrived to help him out.

Now, in the upcoming episode it is seen that police officer helps Arjun and Radhika and takes them in their van. He yells that Arjun that despite of being hurt he is being rude to his wife.

Arjun and Radhika are shocked to find out that police officer misunderstands them to be husband and wife and try to clarify to him.

Will Radhika’s pure heart and innocence bring a change of heart in Aham? Will Aham fall in love with Radhika? How will it affect Radhika and Sam’s friendship?

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Manmarzian!


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