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Masterchef India 4: Minu, Bhakti win Wild Card Entry Challenge, back in the show

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Today’s (21.03.2015) Star Plus Masterchef India 4 episode starts with continuation of yesterday’s Wild Card Entry – Amul Milk challenge.

Yesterday’s Episode Harman lost his chance for making a comeback in Masterchef India 4 Kitchen.

Remaining contestants Bhakti, Vineeta, Minu, Priyanka and Drishti have to cook another dish using milk that is  left over from the One Litre Amul Milk Tetrapack, in 30 minutes.

Drishti decides to make a Pasta dish using milk as the sauce.

Priyanka makes Pudina Pot Pie. Chef Vikas Khanna points her that she might not be using milk as the hero of the dish. She improvises and decides to use some paneer from the milk.

Minu makes Milk Khajur Barfi and Chef Vikas Khanna tells her that her dish is too simple. She starts making another dish using maida and starts frying. Unfortunately, Minu burns her hand with hot oil and has to stop cooking.

She gets emotional as she can see her dreams of gifting a restaurant to her husband getting shattered. Chef Ranveer Brar consoles her and she starts cooking again.

Vineeta is making a Sandhesh from her leftover milk and seems to be lagging behind with time.

After time out, Judges tell Minu that before going ahead with their tasting She will have to go to the hospital on immediate basis. Minu looses her chance for wild card entry though her dish was very good.

Judges start tasting with Bhakti‘s Rabdri cup (Tart) and like her dish.

Drishti‘s Doodh pasta is tasted next and they like it too. Priyanka’s Amul Power Pie misses its mark as the pie crust is soft.

Judges are impressed with Vineeta’s White Surprise (Sandesh) dish .

Judges declare that Priyanka will not go through next round as her dish was weakest of all and misses her chance for wild card entry.

The Final Third round with left over milk begins between Drishti, Bhakti and Vineeta. However, Minu joins them too as she comes back from hospital with a plaster. Chef Vikas helps her in picking ingredients.

Vineeta thinks of making Saunf Ki Lassi and Bhakti thinks of making Doodh Ke Pakode.

Last three mins, Bhakti is happy that while others are struggling with their dish and her twi dishes are ready.

Judges start tasting with Drishti’s fruit smoothie and tell her that she should hope that others haven’t made better dish than hers.

Bhakti names her dish Bhakti Ki Shakti and like her dish.

Vineeta’s Saunf Ki Lassi is interesting but saunf tastes is too much dominating.

Minu’s Milk Strawberry pancakes too is liked by the Judges with right taste of flavours.

In the end Judges declare that “Bhakti” wins the first apron for “Wild Card Entry” and “Minu” wins the second Apron for Wild Card Entry.













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