Mehek latest news – Reason for Shourya’s missing drama revealed

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In the ongoing track of Zee TV serial Zindagi Ki Mehek viewers have witnessed the mysterious disappearance of Shourya (Karan Vohra) on the wedding day.

Mehek (Sameeksha Jaiswal) is shattered and in depression after Shaurya going missing from the wedding. Her family too is broken and are worried about her.

At the same time Swetlana and Sanjay who had planned Shaurya’s kidnapping to are shocked as their goons failed in the plan. They too are wondering about Shaurya’s disappearance. The police are investigating the matter to find out the truth.

Wondering where is Shaurya? Here’s your answer…

According to a latest report, Shaurya will make a come back making a revelation that will leave Mehak and her family in a BIG shock!

It will be revealed that Shaurya never wanted to marry Mehek and it was always his plan to disappear from the wedding.

Shaurya will return and will reveal the launch of his new hotel to seek revenge from his competitor KD. Mehek will be shattered after finding out hat Shaurya had just used her for his evil plans. He never loved Mehek and was only pretending to do so to fulfil his plans.

If the said reports are true, it will now be interesting to see how will Mehek come out of this betrayal by Shaurya.

Is this the end of Mehek and Shaurya’s love story? Keep reading this space for all the updates of Zindagi Ki Mehek!

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