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Mere Angne Mein 08 March 2017 Written Episode Mere Angne Mein Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 08th March 2017 WU Mere Angne Mein 08.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Mere Angne Mein 08 March 2017 starts with Dadi, Kaushalya sitting next to Riya’s dead body. Kaushalya is sitting with Riya and Shivam’s child and everyone is mourning for her death.

Rani comes to Shanti Sadan and is sad seeing Riya’s body. Sarla stops her from going towards Riya. Riya says Riya was my Devrani. Sarla tells her when she has cut all her relationship with her son Amit, then is she here. Rani tells Sarla too keep their differences during such sad time. Sarla gets aside. Rani mourns for Riya.

Preeti comes next to Shanti Sadan and goes next to Kaushalya to comfort her and dadi while mourning for Riya.

Shivam is in his room. He s unable to accept that Riya is dead now. He imagines Riya and asks her to take out his blue shirt. Riya says i will not. he says why. She says that i know this is all your drama. You will ask for your shirt first, the for your wallet the your shoes. I am pregnant now, i cannot do so much work. You should do your won work from now on. What is something happens to me. He tells her not to say anything like that. Nimmi sees Shivam talking alone. She runs to him and hugs him. She tells him Riya is no more. Shivam says don’t say nonsense. He says Dadi must have done something and that is why Riya is upset and wants to go away. he goes downstairs. He sees Riya’s dead body and is shocked. She asks Dadi what did she do to make Riya go away. She has always stood by the family and done so much for the family. He blames her that she never liked Riya right from the start. Kaushalya tells Shivam how can he forget that dadi took so much care of Riya during her pregnancy.

Dadi asks Shivam i agree i didnt like her. But you used to love Riya. Why did u not stop her from leaving all of us. Shivam cries looking at Riya. She tells him that you should have stopped her. Shivam’s Child cries. Kaushlya tries to take care. Shivam gets irritated and tells somebody take the child upstairs. I don’t want the child here. Everyone is shocked.

Ammaji takes the child to Shivam and tells him that he was fortunate to get the love of his father and mother. But now, he will have to give love of both father and mother to his child. The child cries but Shivam refuses to take him.


Kaushalya requests Shivam to hold his child in his hands. Shivam says i will not touch as he has lost his Riya because of this child. Raghav and Kaushalya are shocked.

Mere Angne Mein – Richa Mukherjee to replace Ekta Kaul as the new lead



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