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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 03 January 2017, MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 03rd January 2017 WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (03.01.2017) starts with Shivam saying I will make you helpless to say I love you, come we will go for sight seeing. Riya asks at this time. He says yes, come. Shanti asks Pari to make her look different that none can identify her. Pari says you don’t know my talents. Shanti says I know a lot. She gets call. The man says I will put money in dustbin, I m calling from Shanti Prasad’s side, just make sure you get it. Shanti ends call. Sarla calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya cries and says Shanti Prasad has come here, he left his goons here. Sarla gets glad knowing Raghav’s bad state.

Kaushalya says Raghav fainted and doctor asked us to keep him away from tensions, the goons sat on Shanti’s swing. Kaushalya ends call as Shanti Prasad asks her for tea. Sarla thinks now Shanti Sadan will have no peace, its no fun to sit here, I will go there and see the drama. She goes to Shanti Sadan.

Shivam and Riya enjoy the sights. They go to have food. The lady gives special food for Shivam. Riya asks why special food. The lady says because of the fight. She sees the cameras and goes. Riya asks what did she say. Shivam says I told you about the fight. Riya says its strange things happening, you made me sign contract. He says you are doubting me. She says I have reasons to doubt. He says fine I will say, it was fight contract, I m getting all this vouchers for luxury treatment. He says your problem is you won’t believe me even I say truth.

Kaushalya gets tea and snacks. Shanti Prasad asks her to see these men. She asks why. He says they don’t eat such light snacks, they want solid food, get desi ghee food for them.

Shivam hugs Riya and asks her to say why is she annoyed. He makes plans. He says I will you something when time comes. She asks will you give all surprises here so that I don’t ask for any gift on return. He says if I could, I would live all my life with you in these three days. He hugs her. He asks her to say I love you. She says I…… and runs. He says say before time…. and gets sad.

Nimmi shouts its enough. Raghav stops Nimmi. He asks her to go to room, no need to argue. Shanti Prasad shouts on Kaushalya. Raghav asks him to keep voice low, its better to call police now. Kaushalya stops him. Shanti Prasad threatens about Shanti. They get shocked. Raghav asks Kaushalya not to make egg in this house. Kaushalya explains that the house is vegetarian. Shanti Prasad says I know, I will make it non veg today.

Riya asks Shivam about his lottery. Shivam thinks not to tell her, else she will take me back. He says you will know it, you are james bond and will find out. He goes after her. Pari likes the place. Shanti asks Pari to do makeup and change her look. Pari asks her to see her magic now.

Shanti Prasad asks Kaushalya to make chicken and fish. Kaushalya says I don’t know cooking. Shanti Prasad aims at Raghav. Kaushalya shouts and asks what are you doing. Raghav asks Shanti Prasad to shoot, and think what will happen of him. Kaushalya says if anything happens to Raghav, I will burn you alive, then think what will happen of your son. Shanti Prasad asks the goons to keep an eye on them and leaves. Pari and Shanti take new looks. Shanti says I m looking great.

Pari calls her cute. Shanti plays on the beach. She gets shocked seeing the man. The man keeps the money in bin. Shanti and Pari see him and hide. Pari says we have to take money from bin. Shanti says yes, we came to do this, that is Shanti prasad’s man, he can follow us and reach Pramod. Pari asks her to give her passport as it can fall down. Shanti gives her passport. She says its matter of 50 lakhs, stay here, see that man is there, I will take money till you divert him. Pari calls her smart and says I will go and show my beauty’s magic.

Riya falls down in the waters. Shivam too jumps to save her. 


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