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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 08 November 2016, MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 08th Nov 2016 WU

The Episode starts with Riya telling her plan to Kaushalya, Shanti, Nimmi and Shivam. Kaushalya says this won’t work, Nirmala is clever. Riya says Nirmala is caught in the rich man’s trap, I want your help. Shanti asks do we have to become maid. Kaushalya says fine, we will become maid for Sarla’s sake, I will ask Preeti too. Riya says no, we can’t tell Preeti, as Sarla should not know this. Kaushalya asks why, you mean Preeti will tell them everything. Riya says she is close to Pari and Sarla, I don’t want our plan to fail. Kaushalya says if you don’t take Preeti, Shivam and Nimmi won’t help.

Shanti asks am I not here, just talk as much as you are allowed, no need to tell Preeti, come in plan else leave. Kaushalya says fine, I will do what to do and not tell Preeti. Preeti
comes and asks what will you not tell me. Shanti says we can’t tell you, you are unwell, go and sleep. Kaushalya gets annoyed and goes. Preeti asks what are you hiding from me. Shanti asks did you not hear it, I will not say, leave. Preeti goes. Kaushalya says Riya made my daughter a stranger. Preeti asks Kaushalya what is the matter. Kaushalya says I can’t tell you, Shanti stopped me. Shanti comes and asks Kaushalya was she telling Preeti. Kaushalya goes. Pari and Sarla are on the way and talk that something is going on between Riya and Nimmi.

Riya calls Ashok and asks him to listen the new plan. She asks him to become Jallad husband. He imagines and asks what to do, tell me. She explains the plan. Sarla and Pari come home. Riya asks Ashok to do what she says. Sarla asks Ashok is he also against her. Preeti calls Sarla and says something is planned at home, everyone knows, even Dadi. Sarla says I know, I have heard Riya saying it, I will seeing it, is Kaushalya also in this plan. Preeti says yes. Sarla says they are strange to trust Riya, and not you, they want to show us our right place. Nirmala thinks of Chamanlal.

Sarla asks Ashok what is he hiding. He says i m thinking something. She asks him what is it, you are worried for Nirmala. Sarla asks Rani to leave Nirmala and serve roti to her. Rani checks door and sees an uncle. Shivam comes as Chamanlal and asks for Nirmala. Pari asks who are you uncle ji, what do you wants. Nirmala gets tensed and asks what are you doing here Chummi ji, i mean Chaman ji. He says I felt you wanted to meet me. She says this is my house. He says so what, can’t I come here.

Pari asks his introduction. Shivam says I m Chaman, people call me Chummi, i m Nirmala’s special friend. He says this is insult, I came to return her purse, I could have sent my driver, but I came myself. Ashok asks how did you get her purse. Shivam says she came to meet me and left her purse in car. Ashok asks Nirmala what is all this, will she meet anyone like this, when she is married. She says he is my childhood friend. Ashok scolds her. Shivam stops Ashok and asks Nirmala who is he to scold you. Nirmala says he is my husband.

Shivam laughs and says oh, your husband. Ashok argues with Shivam. Ashok asks Nirmala to leave from his house. Nirmala asks why, can’t I talk and smile, I had to break fast with your fast, i m your legal wife and you still go with Sarla. Ashok says yes, I will go with Sarla, you have to stay here as I say, else leave from here. Nirmala says I will not go anywhere. Ashok calls her shameless, and says this will not work here. He scolds Nirmala.

Shivam goes to defend Nirmala and scolds him for having bad mindset. Sarla asks him not to scold her husband, and scolds her. She asks him to talk to Ashok with manners, I m his first wife. Shivam says its good, Nirmala can take divorce easily, Nirmala has no right on Ashok. Nirmala says no, their divorce will happen. Shivam asks how, even if they get divorce, Ashok will be with Sarla, I can’t bear injustice with you. Everyone start laughing. Riya comes and scolds them for catching Shivam. Sarla and Pari ask who is he.

Shivam says they think Nirmala is goat, I will not like this, if you need me anytime, tell me, I m always there. He shows sindoor to Nirmala. She gets shocked.


Riya asks Shanti and Kaushalya to get ready in their characters. Nimmi hugs Shanti and says you look so pretty.



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