Home TV Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 10 February 2017 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 10 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus Mere Angne Mein 10.02.2017 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial (10th February 2017) episode starts with Ammaji doing drama of taking her last breath while Sarla and Amit are watching her outside Shanti Sadan.

Amit tells Sarla to leave as Shanti is not giving us anything, why to see her drama. Sarla and Amit leave.

Kaushalya is worried about Shanti, Shanti sees sarla is gone and tells Kaushalya that Yamraj has gone and i am felling better. Kaushalya says i will go and to light diya. Shanti thinks Sarla should withdraw her name.

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Bansi comes to Sarla’s place. Pari tells him that her mother Sarla is going to become minister and asks him to go. Sarla and Amit come home. Bansi asks Sarla to make him co-worker in her political party. She refuses saying that his name comes in the thieves list. He says fine, I will stop working for you.

Pari says I am Sarla’s secretary, see your standard and see mine. Bansi says put my pic along your party members. Sarla agrees. Pari tells Riya has seen him, if Riya sees him again, it will be tough. Bansi says don’t worry, I will change getup. Pari tells him to keep original face. Bansi agrees. Sarla asks Amit to come along. Amit says no, I told Shanti that I will do her election campaign, but I will work for you, I m thinking of myself, to play safe. Amit says Ashok has just useless children.

Shanti gets restless in sleep. She goes out of home and asks a man to call fake doctor. She gives him money. She goes back home and rests. She acts unwell and screams. Kaushalya and Nimmi worry and rush to Shanti. Kaushalya calls Sarla and says its a bad news, doctor said Shanti will not survive. She cries. Sarla asks what are you saying. Kaushalya says her bp is getting down, come fast. Sarla says I m reaching.

Shanti takes Sarla’s name. Sarla and Pari come. Sarla asks Shanti to have food. Shanti refuses. Riya looks on. Doctor says her bp is falling down. Kaushalya shouts on Sarla and asks her to withdraw name. Pari says they are spineless, don’t agree to them. Shanti acts to die. Sarla says no, nothing is imp to me than Shanti’s life, I will withdraw my name. She cries.

She asks Kaushalya to get water. Shanti asks how to agree. Sarla says I m promising. Shanti asks Pari to get Sarla’s sign on papers. Sarla asks what’s this. Shanti says its written that you will not fight elections. Sarla signs the papers and says I will not stand in elections, have some food now. Kaushalya gets juice. Shanti says you gave big sacrifice for me. Sarla says I m understanding what you are doing, its wrong. Kaushalya apologizes.

Sarla scolds her. Shanti says Sarla will be my political heir, Sarla will fight elections after me. Sarla says its 2 years and you could not give me a chandrahaar. Shanti says don’t say this, you will manage everything. Sarla says you always do wrong with me, have food now. Sarla thinks Lord should send Shanti to jail, I will try my best.

Its morning, Nimmi gives tea to Shanti. Party members come and ask Shanti to get ready for form filling. Shanti says we will leave on mahurat. She asks Kaushalya to send snacks and tea. Kaushalya asks her again. Shanti says no, you don’t have to send snacks and tea. Bansi comes to Sarla’s house and asks for money.

She asks him to do party work, and party will give him money. He agrees. Riya tells Shanti that someone has removed her name from ration card. Shanti asks who is that. Riya says don’t know. A man throws newspaper and goes. Riya sees Belan party ad pamphlet and gets shocked seeing Bansi. She thinks did this man do this, is he involved with Sarla. Bansi says I will support Shanti’s party and tell her that you disappeared Riya’s documents. Sarla beats him.

She says I m not fighting elections, are you not ashamed, your pic is in police station, if I tell police, you will get beaten up. He says I was just saying, I m going mad, think of something, just give me some money. She gives him 20rs. He goes.

Nandu asks Preeti where is she going and when will she come back. Preeti argues. He says Shanti is going to fill election form, are you going there. She says no, its better if I stay away from them. She leaves. Amit asks Sarla to think again. Sarla says no, Shanti said she will make me her political heir, if she goes jail, I will rule, I will withdraw my nomination. Pari stops her and says Shanti can change mind. Sarla says fine, I will rest for some time.

Riya takes Bansi’s pic in phone. She edits image and confirms its same person she has seen before. She thinks my doubt was right, Sarla did all this.

Riya confronts Sarla and tells her that she has come to her place to get identity proof. She tells her how she bumped into Bansi and how Amit had been to her school and college. Sarla is shocked.


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