Home TV Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 13 February 2017 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 13 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 13.02.2017 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial 13th February 2017 episode starts with Kaushalya and Nimmi seeing Shanti and getting worried.

Kaushalya tries to change matter. Shanti asks did you get much sense, you did not let me touch your mum’s necklace and wants to sell it today, you want to prove I m so bad to sell your jewelry, I will better die. Riya hears them. Kaushalya says I was not going to hurt you, I will keep this. Shanti says no, you won’t keep it, you will bear punishment for it.

Sarla says no one can see my happiness, Rani has troubled me a lot, I can’t do anything, I m standing in elections, Rani is out of home, everyone is saying I made bahu out of house, and what she said about grandchildren, its true, we need a heir. She asks Amit to think. Pari says we will make Amit marry a rich woman, we will get rich. Sarla says how will we get other girl, we won’t get any, if I get Rani back, I will become great. Amit says I don’t need her. Sarla says I need her, talk to her with love, she has no sense, she will come back home. He agrees. She says this time I will not lose.

Shanti says this necklace is a pride, you will wear this, this will remind me that its necessary to win this challenge, forgive me, I have always taunted you that bahu is bahu and daughter is daughter, but you kept trying, I always did partiality with you, what Sarla did with me today, she proved that I was wrong. They cry. Shanti says Sarla proved that if bahu is Kaushalya, she can become daughter, you always proved your love for me, I always rejected your love, now I m saying, you always regarded me mother, but I could not become your mother, I will try to become your mother now, forgive me. Kaushalya hugs her.

They all cry. Shanti hugs Kaushalya and Nimmi. Nimmi says now we need PR. Shanti asks what PR. Nimmi says PR means media support, to tell people that you are doing good work. Shanti says Sarla will do, no you become PR, I will give you 50rs. Nimmi says you are still a miser. Shanti says you think I will take goose. Riya smiles seeing them. Shanti asks Riya to do something.

Riya gets a friend’s call. Shanti says ask your friend to give statement that you are Riya. Rani cries at home. Prabha taunts and laughs on her. Rani asks her to stop nonsense, as she is already angry. Prabha says you won’t get food today, keep crying, stay hungry. Rani cries and says its enough now, I can’t bear this humiliation, Lord what are you doing with me, shall I get checkup done by a doctor, why can’t I become a mother.

Riya asks Sarla why are you calling me, Shanti was in front of me, she would doubt on me. Sarla says you said you will help me in winning elections, come home. Riya says how to come home, everyone is at home, you will lose in elections, find about that party worker.

Sarla says you are fooling me to know about him, if you don’t help me, I will tell Shanti that you made me stand in elections against Shanti. Riya says you are mistaken, you find about Bansi, I will prepare for elections, we have to save family too, that’s a duty. Sarla says that will happen in 2mins.

Riya says it means you know about my documents. Sarla says no, I mean I will do anything to get your documents, come here. Riya says fine, I will decide everything. Shanti thinks to find out Sarla’s strategy. Ashok comes and greets her. He says I heard about you and Sarla standing against in elections, does such thing happens. Shanti asks did Sarla send you here.

He says no, I came myself. She asks him to support Sarla. He says you are also like my mother. Nimmi says you join Shanti’s party, she will win, she can give you big post. Ashok says Sarla came and shut my canteen, she asked me to help her in elections, don’t know what to do. Kaushalya asks him to support Shanti. He says I will think and say. He leaves.

Rani tells Prabha that she is going for some imp work. Prabha asks where. Rani says I m going to mete gynac, you come along. Prabha taunts her.

Rani scolds her and cries. Prabha asks her why is she going to doctor, are you preparing to become mother, I can’t raise your child. Rani asks her to have some shame, I will not let my child come to your door. Prabha asks her to leave. Rani says now I will not take you along. She leaves.

The party worker tells Shanti to get votes from family and then neighborhood. He explains her and asks her to think. He leaves. Shanti gets an idea and runs to Kaushalya. She asks about Raghav. Kaushalya says he said his training is going on, I could not talk to him. Shanti asks her why is she being sorrowful like a new bride. Kaushalya says its nothing like that, I will call him.

Shanti says your love story does not end. Kaushalya calls Raghav and asks when are you coming. He asks what’s the hurry, I will come. She says I will end call. He asks her to talk. She sees Shanti coming and says I have much work in kitchen. He says your kitchen always comes in between. Kaushalya says I can’t talk and ends call. Shanti asks what happened. Kaushalya says he is coming tomorrow. Shanti says I have imp work with Raghav. Riya hides and looks on.
Sarla asks Raghav for his vote. Shanti thinks to use Ashok. Sarla comes home and sees Shanti.

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