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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 14 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 14.02.2017 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial 14th February 2017 episode starts with Nandu checking few things. Preeti sees him with a badge and asks whats this. He says I m preparing for elections. She says I stood with Sarla, so you stood with Shanti. He says you chose your way, I trust Shanti and supporting her. She says we can never unite, as our thinking can’t be same. He asks her to think well. She scolds him and goes.

Sarla sings and tells Amit that they will shift to new bungalow with the free items, when I become politician, I will have a line of servants, I will rule there. He says fine, I will become your advisor. They get hit by stones and go to see. Amit says Rani would have done this. Sarla says no, opposition party would have done this. Rani gets her checkup done by gynac and asks will this test state why I can’t conceive. The doctor says let reports come, don’t think negative, everything will be fine, don’t worry. Rani leaves.

Pari gets body guards and tells Sarla that they are my bodyguards. Sarla asks why do you need them. Pari says its election times, I have to meet people, I want protection. Sarla says I m standing in elections, why do you need bodyguards. The party men come and give pamphlets. He says great, you kept bodyguards, but our party has no budget for them. Pari says they charge 2500rs per day. Sarla says what, its costly, we can’t keep them, I m smart, Amit will be my bodyguard. Amit refuses.

Sarla says he is joking, he loves me. She sends the bodyguards. They joke on those men. Party workers also leave. Nandu and Preeti have an argument. He asks her where did she go. She says its my personal life, I will manage, don’t worry for me. He says you are doing wrong by not supporting Dadi. She says its enough you are supporting her. He asks her to understand, its our profit if she wins, I can get her help. She says so you are helping Shanti. He says Shanti is my family, Sarla won’t help me, I know, have food now. She pushes him and refuses to have food.

Its morning, Nandu gets a call and says I m reaching in 5mins. He asks Preeti why did you not wake me up. He goes to get ready. Raghav comes home and asks what’s happening. The men say we are doing party related work. Raghav says its my house, leave. Shanti comes and greets him. Raghav asks did you have fever, what’s happening, what’s this drama. Shanti says its not drama, its preparation of elections, I will explain you. She tells Raghav that she will work for the society, welfare of people and help the hardworking govt employees. Nimmi cheers for her. Raghav gets surprised.

Nimmi says Shanti is fighting elections from Tawa party side. Shanti asks Raghav to support her. Raghav says I understood. Shanti gives lecture. He says you are going right, you will sit on the party head chair. They all get glad. Sarla comes there with her party men. She greets Raghav and says I m representing Belan party. He asks are you fighting elections against Shanti. She says yes, keep relations and politics separate, if you give vote to me, I will look after welfare of railway employees and their families. She does her campaign and makes promises to help people.

Raghav says enough, I heard this, Shanti is also doing all this, you make other promises. Sarla says Shanti is just promising, but I will do work, will you give me vote please. He says look I m true person, I will tell my decision on election day, go. Sarla leaves with her party men.

Shanti comes to meet Ashok and says I got a proposal for you. He asks what are you saying. She says sit, I will explain, I got to know your earning way got shut, its my duty to help you, don’t think I m doing this for votes, I m helping people, you go to canteen and cook food, I know some people are ashamed of this, but work is worship for me, I m proud that you run canteen, will you help me, say. He gets thinking.

He says no, forgive me, Sarla asked me to shut canteen. I can’t go against her. Shanti thinks to convince him. She says fine, you come home and manage my canteen business, do you agree, I know you love your wife a lot, but work is worship, never refuse to work, if you get money, your wife will be happy, its your decision. Sarla comes home. Shanti asks Ashok to decide, as she has told what she had to. She leaves. Sarla asks what was she telling, did she try to get you in her party. He says no, she came to ask my welfare, nothing else. He goes to Shanti Sadan and greets Kaushalya. He asks for Shanti.

Kaushalya says she went out. He says fine, I will start work, you tell me where is red chilli. Shanti comes home and sees Ashok cooking. He tells Kaushalya that Shanti asked me never to stop work, I accepted her proposal, you go, I will cook food. Kaushalya agrees. Shanti thinks Ashok will agree to give me vote and smiles.
Shanti thanks Rani for supporting her. Sarla asks Pari to apologize to Rani. Pari apologizes. Sarla asks Rani to forgive her.


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