Home TV Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 16 March 2017 MAM Written Update

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 16 March 2017 MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 16th March 2017 MAM Written Episode 

Today’s Mere Angne Mein 16 march 2017 episode starts with Nimmo tells Aarti that she will tell names of the areas and she should nod and say which area is she from. aarti is worried what to tell and keeps saying no. Ammaji says are you from antariskh (space).

Ammaji tells Nimmo to get Haldi water to test if Aarti is evil spirit. Kaushalya says no need to do that just lift her sareee and you will find out that she is devil person. Ammji teels her to be careful as Aarti could be evil and attack her. 

Ammaji brings a idol (mata) and shows her. Nothing happens. She tells Aarti to stand in the thaaali full of Haldi water. Kaushalya says now this gil will burn into ashes after standing in holy water. Nothing happens. Shanti tells Aarti to hold the God Idol and walk towards her Jhoola (Swing). Kaushalya says see see.. its ulta pav ka nishaan (feet being twisted). Shanti tells Kaushalya to see them from other side. 

Aarti feels bad for her lie to this family. She says i will have to do all of this to stay in Shanti Sadan until her family accepts her.

Kaushalya starts crying and Shanti tells her why does she end up crying so soon. Shanti tells Aaarti to go into her room. She tells Nimmo we will have to find out about Aarti from Kanpur railway station and police station as she has come from Knpur train. Nimmow says how will be find out as Aarti never shows her face. Shanti says don’t worry i have 1000’s of ideas in my brain. We will work out something. Kaushalya worries that Aarti could be big gang or could be a child kidnapper. She takes Shivam’s child to sleep.

Amit makes a big cut out of Rani and places it in balcony with help of Pari. He tries to express his love and sorry to her. He tells Pari to keep a watch until he comes back. Pari changes the words of his love message to craete misunderstanding.

Rani is seeing divorce papers and thinks whether she is doing right or not to divorce Amit. Pari makes funny noises to call Rani out in balcony. Rani is happy first to see her big photo cut out. She tries to read the message on the photo. She gets upset to read tum humara paap ho. tumhare marne ka intezaar hai ( waiting for you to die). Rani cries and goes inside her house. Pari says i will never let you come back in this house.

Late in night, Aarti tries calling her family but cannot talk to anyone. She thinks i will have to now go personally and convince my mother to take me back.

Shivam enter the house in drunk state. He closes the door and walks upstairs and falls in drunk state. Aarti comes out from store room to drink water.  He drops the glass. Shivam asks who is that in the dark. Aarti covers her face. Shivam thinks it is Riyaa. He walks towards her and says Riya your back. I knew you will come vback. aarti walsk way from him. Shivam asks where are you. he syas see what has happened to me without you. Now you have come.. i will not let anything happen to you. Please don’t go away from me. If you go, i will kill myself. How did you go away.. Aarti’s face is seen. Shivam is shocked while she is scared. Shivam gets upset seeing aarti. He checks her saree and asks her who are you and starts shouting. Aarti gets scared. 

he holds her with his hands and asks her who are you. dadi comes and asks Shivam why are you shouting. he asks her why is she wearing Riya’s sareee. No one should touch Riya’s things. Dadi says first answer my question. Why are you drunk. You should take care of your girl. When your grandfather dies, i didn’t get drunk, but took care of house. He says you were not responsible for his death, but this girl is responsible for Riya’s death. Shanti is shocked.


Nimmo looks at Aarti from distance and tells Shanti that his girl looks from good family else why would she stay in some stranger house. Ammaji tells to take a picture of her.



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