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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 17 March 2017 MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 17th March 2017 Written Update Mere Angne Mein 17.03.2017 Written Episode

Mere Angne Mein 17 March 2017 episode starts with Shanti saying don’t blame this girl, Riya wanted to make you father, she wanted to give happiness to this family, this girl is Riya’s last sign, go from here, you are drunk. Raghav asks what happened. Shanti says I will answer Shivam, he is responsible for Riya’s death. She shouts you could not take care of her. Shivam gets shocked.

Shanti asks Kaushalya did you get worried when I showed mirror to Shivam. She says we all are responsible for Riya’s death, we should have taken care of her, we should have not gone in marriage. Nimmi was also at home and could not take care, Shivam is Riya’s husband, why did he not care, why is he getting angry on this little baby, don’t blame the baby, Lord is saying everything. Shivam says whatever you say, just this baby is responsible for Riya’s death. Raghav angrily slaps Shivam. He asks everyone not to come ahead.

He says you don’t say anything bad about the baby, you are not able to stand on feet, go to room, end your drama. Aarti looks on and cries. Kaushalya asks Aarti did she get peace, Shivam never happened in high tone with Shanti, it happened because of you, stay in storeroom. Raghav asks her not to put Shivam’s bad deeds on someone else.

Shanti asks Kaushalya not to give food to Shivam. Kaushalya asks Aarti to cry slowly. Shanti says fine, give food. Nimmi stops Aarti. Nimmi tells Shanti that Aarti is very beautiful. Shanti says our house bahu and duaghters don’t roam at night, lock door and sleep. Nimmi says she looks from good house, maybe there is some matter, else why will she stay in someone’s house. Shanti says find out, click photo and send to Kanpur police station.

Kaushalya goes to Shivam and asks him to have food. He refuses and asks her to go. She cries. He says whenever I see the baby’s face, I think of Riya, I feel if Riya was not pregnant, maybe she would have been alive, it will be tough for me to forget Riya. Kaushalya asks will you ruin life by wine, we can’t avoid truth, Riya has died. Shivam says I will sink in wine if I have to forget Riya, you can’t understand my pain, please go. She asks him to have food. She keeps plate and goes.

Shivam sees Riya’s pic and cries. Aarti thinks of Ajay. He fixes gajra to her hair. He compliments her beauty. He gives her a saree and asks her to wear it. Aarti changes and comes. He says you look beautiful, don’t be scared, I love you, this color is suiting your face. He asks her to sign on papers. She gets shocked seeing divorce papers. He says I can’t stay with you, sign on it and give me divorce, don’t cry, stay in this house, my wife will have no problem. She says I want to stay with you as your wife. He slaps her and says you are forcing me now to take this belt. FB ends. Aarti thinks and gets sad.

Its morning, Shanti wakes up Aarti. She says your mu dikhai happened, no need of ghunghat, its big day, get ready, I got this saree, give this saree back, its Riya’s saree, wear Kaushalya’s saree, you are thinking Kaushalya will do drama, I will manage her, get ready. She goes.

Pari sees Rani and throws the photo down. Rani says I will answer, just wait. Pari asks her to get lost. Aarti blows balloon. Shanti says you have no energy, blow balloons. She laughs. She signs Nimmi to click Aarti’s pic. Nimmi says we will take selfie. Aarti says no. Nimmi asks what happened, move ghunghat. Aarti cries. Shanti asks why are you crying, she is just taking photo. Nimmi signs Shanti. She says fine, I kept phone, see my hands. Aarti removes ghunghat. Shanti clicks photo. Aarti thinks they can reach Ajay and defame him, Lord don’t let this happen.

Raghav gets sarees. Kaushalya likes sarees and asks for me. He says I got this for Aarti. She gets angry.


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