Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 27 December 2016, MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 27th December 2016 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (27.12.2016) starts with Sarla asking Shanti to run away to other city with the money and jewelry. Riya asks Shivam what did you do, you had to lose the fight. Shivam worries. Riya cries and says the family came in problem because of you, come now. People cheer for Shivam. Shanti Kumar looks on. Kaushalya and Nimmi were praying that Shivam loses fight. Shanti and Sarla come home. Kaushalya asks what happened, did Shivam lose. Shanti says your son ruined everything. Riya and Shivam come home. Kaushalya asks what happened, you had to lose right. Shanti says yes, he has beaten the opponent, and won. She slaps Shivam angrily. She scolds him. Shivam asks her not to worry, I will make everything fine. Shanti says you signed contract papers, you sold the family now. Kaushalya sits crying as the children

ruined them. Shanti asks them to pack bags, we will leave from here. Sarla smiles. Shanti says we will stay somewhere and then take police help, go and pack bags fast.

Shanti Kumar comes and says you thought to leave without telling me. He scolds Shivam and asks him to pay for loss. Shivam says let my family go. Sarla runs from window. Shivam says I m ready to pay the loss, don’t touch my family. Riya says yes, Shivam can fight for you all his life. Kaushalya says pity on us. Shanti Kumar asks them to stop crying drama. He asks the men to make them sit in car and make them work on fields. They all get shocked. Sarla is outside and smiles hearing all this.

The men throw the things. Kaushalya and Shanti shout and stop them. Shanti recalls Rishi’s words. She begs to Shanti Kumar and asks him to leave her family. Shivam and everyone get shocked. Kaushalya asks Shivam to see the sight carefully, Shanti is begging to someone because of you. She takes a month’s time. She asks him to leave them and promises to return money in one month. Shivam asks Shanti not to do this. Shanti asks him why did he not think before signing on papers. She asks Shanti Kumar what will he do with his house, just do this favor. He agrees to leave them and give them one week time. He asks his man to look after the house. He tells Shanti about Sarla and Pari, how his son Pramod trapped Pari. They all get shocked. He says Pramod is my son, this was a well thought planning, to send Pramod as Varun, Shanti thinks she is clever. Shanti gets angry. He goes. Shanti cries. She gets annoyed with Shivam.

Amit comes home and sees Lallan. He worries and asks Lallan not to do anything, else it will be not good for him. Lallan asks why will I do anything. Rani thinks Lallan can tell Amit about Amita. Lallan says Rani promised me about Amita. Rani sends Amit to buy fruits. She says I will make sweets for Lallan.

Shanti Kumar comes home and tells Pramod that Shivam won the fight, its not our loss, its big loss for Shanti Sadan people, they will be our servants all life. Pramod says don’t worry, and gets gun. Shanti Kumar asks him not to bother to do anything. Shanti says our family got ruined. Shivam cries and thinks I never thought I will create such problem for family. His friend calls him and congratulates for winning. He recalls a mail, where the cash prize of 50 lakhs was written. He calls someone and asks Bangkok fight. He arranges the details and contact route.

Its morning, Shanti gets a call. A man threatens Shanti and says I m from Badri Prasad’s side. Shanti says someone has kept bomb in harmonium, we did not do anything, come home and talk. Shivam goes and meets the man. The man says fight prize is 50 lakhs, the fight is dangerous, you have to sign contract and think well, that fighter is undefeated. He asks Shivam to read contract and sign, and there will be another contract, which they will give after reaching Bangkok. Shivam asks guarantee of payment. The man says our boss plays fair games, we will manage your expenses there, just decide if you will go for match or not. Shivam recalls Shanti and thinks to do this to save family. He says I m ready to go. The man asks him to sign. Shivam signs the contract.

Shanti meets Shanti Kumar, and asks him to arrange 50 lakhs, else you will get your son on road, your son is kidnapped. He gets shocked. 


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