Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 30 December 2016, MAM Written Update

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein Written Update 30th December 2016 WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (30,12,2016) starts with Shanti getting Kaushalya’s call. She says Pari is coming with me. She asks Pari to pack bags soon. Sarla thinks Shanti should go far and not come back, just send Pari with money. She goes to make tea. Rani talks to her friend and asks her to help. The lady says I can’t help, I can’t risk my job, forgive me. Rani thinks what to do. Nimmi thinks Shivam and Riya can’t leave home, there is some reason. Kaushalya says what are you seeing, Riya has taken Shivam to make him gharjamai. She cries and says I don’t know where is Shivam going, when will he come, he is obeying his wife, Riya took him to make him rat, I should have understood when she came ahead to marry Shivam in front of everyone, it was better to be childless than having such child. She throws things. Nimmi
asks her to calm down.

Nimmi gets Shivam’s letter for Kaushalya. She reads it and says Shivam wrote he is going, he will tell later, he is taking Riya along, he loves them a lot. Kaushalya cries and says I will not forgive Riya, I m Shivam’s mum and can’t leave hope of his return. Shivam and Riya land in Bangkok. Riya says its beautiful place, I m not scared as you are with me. He says I have seen how you got scared in flight. She says I was not scared, its normal, 60% people get nervous in flights. He holds her hand and says I have to say something. She asks him to say. He says I love you. She says its okay, thank you. He asks what’s this thanks. She says you love me, so thanks. He says strange. She says is it necessary to say, you know how many things I did to make you say you love me, now I will take revenge. She applies lipstick. He says you start anywhere.

She says I have right to look beautiful, give me Shisha/mirror. The cops aim gun at them. Shivam and Riya get shocked. Shivam asks them to come and check bags. Kaushalya and Nimmi pray for Shivam, Shanti and family. Kaushalya gets a call.

She asks who is it, Shanti or Shivam, why is no one talking. She cries and says no one spoke. The cop asks Shivam to open bag. Shivam opens bag and shows cloths and things. Shanti and Pari come out of airport. Shanti says you have no shame to flirt with anyone. Pari says its so clean place. Shivam asks cops what do you want. Cop says Shisha. Shivam asks is there mirror in bag. Riya says no, there is no mirror

Shanti says I thought it will be snow here. Shivam asks which mirror glass do you want. Shanti and Pari do not see Shivam and Riya and talk. Shanti gets a call. The man asks her to sit in black glass big car. Shanti tells this to Pari. Pari sees the big vehicle and shows Shanti. She goes near Shivam and Riya. Shanti stops Pari and says there is police here, they have pistol in hand. They leave.

Cops ask Shivam to remove shirt, where is mirror. Shivam removes shirt and says what mirror. Shanti says there are all big cars, I will put sweater in bag. Pari says its Bangkok, don’t sit on ground, see that black car. A man comes to them and has Shanti’s pic. Shanti asks what is it. The cop asks where is Shisha. Shivam and Riya says what Shisha, are you not saying mirror, there is no drugs, this is indian Shisha, mirror. Cops apologize and welcome them to Bangkok. Pari says I think this place is dangerous. Shanti says we are also dangerous, we will take Pramod and leave. A man and lady welcome Shivam to Bangkok. The lady smiles seeing him. Riya asks him to tie shirt button. Shivam says fine, I think they are from hotel. Shivam’s fight slip falls.

Raghav comes home and calls out Shanti. He looks around the house. Kaushalya cries and says we are ruined, what to tell you. Nimmi says you were not here, so much happened. She tells about Shivam. Raghav says you did not tell me anything, am I useless or stranger. Kaushalya says don’t scold me, we have no time to breath. Raghav asks where did Shivam go, call him. Kaushalya says Shivam went, he has left home. Raghav gets shocked. She says Riya took Shivam. Raghav asks Nimmi to call Shivam and tell him I m asking about him. Kaushalya says his phone is unreachable. He worries.

Shanti and Pari pass by the bus, in which Shivam and Riya are travelling.

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