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Mere Angne Mein Written Update 07 November 2016, MAM Written Episode

Star Plus serial Mere Angne Mein 07.11.2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Preeti is she getting dizzy. Preeti says no. Sarla goes and acts good to Kaushalya. Pari asks Preeti to act to fall dizzy, how much late will she get. She pushes Preeti from stairs and shouts Preeti fainted. Everyone rush to see Preeti. Shanti gets worried recalling Rishi’s words and says did he mean to say about Preeti. Shivam and Riya come home. Kaushalya scolds Riya for running away from work and making them work as servants. Riya says I did not know Payal is like that. Kaushalya says you don’t care for us, you go and do what you want. Nandu lifts Preeti. Pari asks Preeti to wake up. Shanti gets worried.

Nandu asks Riya why did she not think whether family can work and end order, if order was big. Shivam thinks Riya has bad luck, she went to do
good thing and is hearing scolding. He asks Nandu to mind his language, Riya is elder, she went to do work, she did not go to pass time. Riya stops him from saying. Kaushalya asks Shivam to hide in wife’s pallu, can’t he see Preeti’s pain. He says I can see, but Riya is not at fault. Shanti says shut up, call doctor, stop arguing. Shivam calls doctor. Nandu worries for Preeti. Preeti wakes up and drinks water. Preeti says no need to call doctor, I m fine, don’t say anything to Riya, its not her mistake. She apologizes to Riya. Riya says no need to say sorry. Sarla smiles. Riya says I thought I will come soon, but there was delay in work. Sarla think its good Preeti is acting well.

Shanti worries for Preeti. Nirmala comes home and is happy. She sees the diamond set. Ashok scolds her for marrying him and having affair with someone else. She says what shall I do, you did not break my fast on Karwachauth. He reminds her old days. He asks her to show what is this necklace. She says its mine, I will not give it. Her imagination ends, and the necklace breaks. She says what to do, I broke Chamanlal’s gift, he will ask me if I don’t wear this when I meet him, his heart will break if I tell him.

Nandu asks Preeti to have glucose. Preeti asks him to go for work, and acts sweet. He says no, I will stay here. She says I m feeling better. He says I will be here till you get fine. Kashalya says I will get fruits. Nandu goes to get fruits. Sarla says Shivam does not care for his sisters, how was he before, now he is just defending Riya. Kaushalya says yes, Preeti should get fine. Sarla says don’t worry, but they can lose Maayka after you leave, this is truth. She asks for ginger tea. Kaushalya goes to get food and tea.

Nirmala calls Chamanlal. Shivam says I was missing you, how did you miss me. She says I did big mistake, forgive me. He asks her to say what happened. She says necklace broke my mistake, I will get it fixed. He worries and says keep it with you, else shop guy will take diamond. She says fine, I will keep it. He worries and says Nirmala would have known the set is fake. Nimmi comes and asks him what is Riya’s plan. He asks her to do as Riya says. Shanti worries thinking the Sadhu’s words. She calls Riya and asks why do you go out, tell me. Riya says I was going to make Nirmala leave Sarla’s house, nothing else.

Shanti worries and says make Nirmala leave in one day, else I will take work back, your time starts now. Nimmi says Riya made you a rat. He pulls her ears. Riya comes and says listen to me, Dadi said we have just one day. Shivam asks how will this happen in one day, Nirmala called and broke the set, she was taking it for repair, I told her that I will repair it. Nimmi asks what is it about necklace. Riya says leave it, focus on work.

Shivam says tell Dadi to give 4-5 days. Riya says she won’t agree, she does not change decisions, I have an idea. She asks Nimmi not to be upset and tells her plan. Nimmi asks Riya who was that old man you were hugging that day. Shivam smiles and asks who was that old man. Riya smiles and says my uncle. Nimmi signs Shivam and says it does not look that hug. Sarla tries to hear them. She calls Pari and asks her to hear it. Riya says we will want Dadi’s help to make Nirmala leave. Pari says I can’t hear it. Sarla says Shivam, Riya, Nimmi and Nirmala are planning against us, I will make their plan fail, we will keep an eye on Nirmala.

Nimmi says Shanti will ruin plan. Riya says focus on Nirmala, not the swing, we will make plan that Nirmala refuses to Ashok and leaves. Shivam smiles.

Shivam meets Nirmala at Ashok’s house. She gets tensed. Ashok asks who is he. Shivam says I just wanted to meet you and came here. She worries.



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