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Meri Aashiqui: Ishani finds out Ritika killed her mother, returns back to Ranveer

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Color’s Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi featuring Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) is going through some really intense emotional drama with complicated relationship between Ranveer, Ritika, Ishani and Shikhar.

It is seen that Ranveer blames Ishani for stealing Shikhar’s jewellery in front of Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani).

Shikhar too gets upset with Ishani’s confession and calls of his marriage as she broke his trust.

However, soon Ranveer will find out that Ishani did not steal the jewellery but it was her brother Devarsh.  After, knowing the truth Ranveer’s feels bad for Ishani and follows her after she leaves Shikhar’s place.

Ranveer and Ishani to have a Romantic Dance in the rain

Ranveer will stop Ishani and try and talk to her while Ishani will ask him to stay away. The couple will later share a romantic moment together, but their cute moment will be interrupted by Shikhar’s entry, where he will come and hug Ishani.

Ranveer will be once again heartbroken and feel jealous. He will start his wedding preparations with Ritika (Smriti Khanna).

Ishani to call off her marriage with Shikhar and reunites with Ranveer

During the Sangeet ceremony Ishani will accidentally come to know about Ritika’s true intentions and that Ritika is responsible for her mother’s death.

She will call off her marriage with Shikhar and will decide to reunite with Ranveer claiming back her rights as Ranveer’s first wife.

Finally, the IshVeer fans will get to see their favourite couple Ranveer and Ishani back together.

How will Ranveer react after Ishani returns back to him? Will he believe Ishani that Ritika killed her mother Falguni?

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  1. We just can’t wait any more for the moment when Ranveer and Ishani will come together and confess his/her love for her/him. We are still watching the show, as we somehow come to believe that this is going to happen someday. However our patience is running thin. By now, we have been fed a ot of Shikhar and Ritika episode.Now we need a respite. Ritika should go back to her baby’s actual father. Her baby cannot be Ranveer’s responsibility. This is very unfair. Ishani also should get rid of her habit of playing with Ranveer’s emotion to further others’ interest. Ranveer should come to know her mother’s role in messing up his life.


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