Home TV Naagin 2 Written Episode 11 March 2017 Nagin 2 Written Update

Naagin 2 Written Episode 11 March 2017 Nagin 2 Written Update

Star Plus serial Naagin 2 Written Update 11th March 2017 Nagin 2 Written Episode

Today’s Naagin 2 11 March 2017 episode starts with Rocky with Shivangi drives car towards Panchner haveli. He sees a snake following them and thinks Rudra is following them. Shivani realizes it is Sesha instead. Rocky thinks to fool Rudra and stops car. Sesha hides behind tree. Rocky says Shivangi that he knows why Rudra is following them, so he will fool Rudra, she should be in car and not get out.

He gets out and acts as speaking to someone that he is going to get nagmani. He runs into jungle and Sesha follows him. Shivani gets out of car. Sesha thinks human are fool and don’t now nag/nagin can hear a slightest sound, Shivangi come out of car. She rushes back. Shivani thinks Sehsa will stop following Rocky and will come here. She turns into snake and walks into jungle. Sesha follows sound. Shivnagi escapes and returns near car.

Rocky returns and asks Shivangi where did she go. Shivani relaxes that he did not see her turning into human from snake. He then gets her into car and rushes towards Panchner haveli. Sesha realizes they must have gone to Panchner haveli to get nagmani.

Rocky takes Shivangi to Panchner haveli and then seshnag mandir. Shivangi thinks Rocky has come very near to her reality. Rocky says he brought her to show nagmani and shows it, says he read in book that only suryavanshi family people can pick it and she is a suryavanshi. He tries to pick it and gets a shock. Shivangi gets worried. Sesha reaches and thinks how to tell Rocky tha the will injure himself if he picks nagmani. Rocky tries to pick nagmani again. Shivangi picks nagmani. Rocky says he read in book that nagmani emerged first in a cave and it is its right place, so they will go and keep nagmani at its right place. Shesha thinks she has to stop them from return nagmani to its right place and get it. After that she will get her Rocky and will not need Avantika and Yamini’s help.

Rocky speeds car towards cave. Sesha follows car as snake and grips it in her tail. Rocky panics seeing snake and tries to protect Shivangi. Sehsa lifts car in air and tries to bite Shivangi when Shivangi shows nagmani and Sesha gets hurts with its power and falls down. Rocky then speeds car to cave and after getting out of car says they should find out where to keep nagmani. Shivangi walks into cave and keeps it on stone. Seshnag comes and takes it back. Sesha watches everything and gets disappointed that she cannot get nagmani until it self-emerges again.

Avanitka goes to Yamini’s room. Yamini as usual starts her jokergiri and asks where she was till now. Avantika says Vikram has called her via bees and she is going to meet her. Avantika’s bees reaches shiv mandir and attack guruji. Guruji collapses after seeing severely getting injured. Avantika comes there and asks bees to go back to her palace.

She then goes in and frees Vikram. Vikram wakes up and gets happy seeing her. She asks who tried to kill him. He says it is a woman who acts as good bahu, she is Shivanya’s daughter Shivangi. Avantika turns into Rudra. Vikram realizes Rudra tricked him and tells he cannot harm him as he possesses rudra mani. Rudra holds him and feels severe pain due to rudramani. Vikram escapes. Avantika’s bees meet her and tell she sent them back. Avanttika realizes someone took her form.

Rocky asks Shivangi how does she know where she should keep nagmani. Shivangi says she does not know how she did it, she felt to keep it on stone, so she did. Sesha thinks before Rocky sees her, she should escape and leaves from there. She reaches home. Yamini asks where was she. Sesha says why she wants to know everything. She sees havan arrangements and asks why is this for.

Yamin says she does not know, Rocky arranged this pooja. Rocky with Shivangi returns. Rubel tells him that he arranged pundits and pooja as he ordered. Pandits reveal they are saperas/snake charmers. Sesha gets tensed seeing them and tells Yamini. Yamini asks her to stand silently. She asks Rocky why he brought saperas. He says Rudra is behind Shivanig and wants to harm her, he is around them disguised, so he arranged pooja to get Rudra out.

Neeti thinks Shivangi’s real identity will be out, how to help her. Rocky forces whole family to sit in pooja and asks Rubel and Aaliya to fix belpatra on all windows and doors. They do same. Sesha tries to get up, but Rocky stops her. Sapareas start playing been/music. Rudra hiding thinks how to protect Shivangi. He starts turning snake with been sound.

Rubel informs Rocky that he fixed belpra all around house. If nag/nagin is in house, he cannot go out and if he is out, he cannot come in. Rocky says fantastic. Shivangi feels uneasy. Yamini calls Rocky and says Seshaa is having monthly female problem, so she cannot sit in pooja. Rocky asks Sesha to go. Sesha runs from there. Shivangi thinks Yamini saved Sesha. Sesha runs towards her room and tarts turning into snake. She tries to open window, but gets a shock due to belpatra. Saperas continue playing been. Rocky notices Shivangi feeling uneasy.

Precap: No precap today.


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