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Naagin 2 Written Episode 16 October 2016, Nagin 2 Written Update WU

Colors Naagin Season 2 Written Update 16.10.2016, Naagin 2 Written Update

Yamini is shocked to see Shivangi, Shivanya’s replica. She turns and sees even Shivanya there and realizes Sesha lied her. Shivangi gets out of temple and Yamini’s goon shoots her. She falls down. Shivanya runs towards Shivangi and pleads people for help. Yamini thinks she was searching Shivanya’s child since so many years, how can she kill her, only Shivanya’s daughter can get her nagmani. Rocky brings car and gets Shivangi into car. Shivanya sits with er. Even Yamini sits next to Rocky by hiding her face.

Shivangi’s fiance/street fighter’s car breaks down in jungle. Shesha comes there and insists to fight with her. He says he does not fight with women. She punches him and waarns how dare he is to beat her boyfriend, she loved only two
people in life, earlier Rithik and now Rocky. She shows her nagin form and strangulates him with her extended hand and throws him down. He runs. She becomes snake and follows him, grips him, and ties him head down to a tree. She says she is sparing him so that he should not forget her terror. She throws him down and leaves.

Shivangi is brought to hospital. Doc operates and removes her bullet, but her condition deteriorates. Doc tells he cannot save Shivangi if she does not get conscious in 4 hours. Rocky tells Yamini that he met Shivangi just a few days ago, but loves her a lot. Yamini realizes that bullet was laced with most powerful snake Sesha’s poison and Shivangi may die.

Shivanya goes to temple and prays shivji. Saadhu comes and says she cannot change fate. Shivanya pleads to save her daugher somehow, she is shivji’s big disciple and shivji cannot do injustice to her. Saadhu says she has to do rudra tandav/dance and make shivji happy. Shivanya says she used to do tandav when she was nagin, now she is human and with age,human becomes weak, but she will do tandav for her daughter. She starts dancing and convinces Shivji. A snake enters Shivangi’s room and sucks poison from her body. Shivangi wakes up calling maaa..

Doc informs Yamini that Shivangi is fine now. Rocky comes back and Yamini says he brought Shivangi on time and saved her on time, now she will get his and Shivangi’s marriage. Rocky happily hugs her. Shivanya comes back and nurse says her daughter is fine now. Doc says Shivangi’s critical condition was because of poison and not bullet. Rocky comes and Shivanya thanks him for bringing Shivangi to hospital on time and says she also wants to meet his badi maa/Yamini and thank her. He goes and informs Yamini that Shivangi’s mom wants to meet her. Yamini nervously nods yes. Shivanya walks towards her but nurse calls her and she goes back. Yamini relaxes.

Rocky and Yamini return back home. Yamini tels Rocky in front of everyone that she will get him married to his love and asks her relative to arrange to feed 1000 poor people. Rocky praises her generosity and says even if he becomes 5% like her, his life’s motto will be fulfilled. Yamini goes to her room. Sesha comes and shouts how can she get Rocky married to someone else. Yamini says Rocky loves that girl and she will marry him to that girl for his happiness. Sesha takes snake form. Yamini tells her that Shivanya is alive and Rocky loves Shivanya’s daughter Shivangi, so Rocky will marry Shivangi for sure. Sesha gets back to human form and continues. Yamini scolds her and asks to go now. Sesha leaves.

Sesha reaches Shivanya’s house and enters Shivangi’s room, but does not find her on bed. She angrily throws things and sees Shivanya and Shivangi’s photo. She shouts Shivanya fooled her, she loves Rocky so much and now Shivanya’s daughter is snatching Rocky from her, she will not let that happen. She shouts Shivangi where are you.

Shivangi is seen waiting for Rocky in a park. Rockycomes. Rain starts. Phir le aya dil….song.. from film burfi starts..in the background. They both run under a tree but gets drenched. He holds her. Their romance starts. He asks why did she call him here. She says she was told he called her here. They both realizes that their friends fooled them and laugh. She hugs him. He asks to tell the words people usally tell in this environment. She says chai and pakora. He asks what. She says in rain people remember chai and pakoras and runs laughing. He calls her and laughs.

Sesha shouts years ago Shivanya snatched Rithik from her and now her daughter is snatching Rocky now, she will not let that happen. She sees calender and sees 24th and realizes tomorrow is 25th…She leaves Shivangi’s room as snake. Shivangi enters her room and sees all things shattered. Shivanya also comes and asks what happened. Shivangi says she does not know, she had gone to meet Rocky. Shivanya sees broken photoframe and thinks someone had come here, if Mahishmatis sent someone. She asks Shivangi to call Rocky and tell that she needs to talk to his badi maa. Shivangi calls Rocky and tells maa wants to talk to his badi maa. Rocky informs Yamini. Yamini thinks what if Shivanya identifies her her voice. She asks Rocky to bring water and speaks to Shivanya in a different voice. Shivanya tells she wants to meet him tonight and wants to fix Shviangi’s marriage within 2 days. Yamini says she can come. Rocky brings water. Tamini informs Rocky that his sasumaa is coming here.

Shivanya happily tells Shivangi that her papa will come…Shivangi says she told her papa died in a car accident 25 years ago, why did she lie. Shivanya turns over. Shivangi asks to tell truth.


Sesha breaks mahishamati wall shouting 25 years are over. Yamini tells Sesha she does not need her as she got someone else who will bring nagmani for her.



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