Home TV Naagin 2 Written Update 15 October 2016, Nagin 2 Written Episode

Naagin 2 Written Update 15 October 2016, Nagin 2 Written Episode

Colors serial Naagin Season 2 Written Episode Update 15.10.2016, Nagin 2 WU

The episode starts with Rocky rejecting Ruchika while Shivangi says yes for marriage with Aditya.

Ruchika aka Shesha gets very angry and turn into human form from naagin shouts-  I will kill that girl.

Yamini shouts are you mad from top or from knees? you want to kill and come into books of police and you have killed that DJ.

Shesha; Aye Yamini! You must be Badi Maa here but you are Yamini for me as you were 25 yrs back.

Yamini- clam down!! And prays to her. Adding give me naagmani.

Shesha- I do not believe you, first get me Rocky then Naagmani.

Yamini- Why you are behind my family boys. First Ritik  and now Rocky.

Gurudev- Today is Badi Shivratri and she will come sure and today is very big for naag and naagin.

Sisters discuss about naag and naagin  And shesha is shown about getting old.

Just than Door knocks of Bekary.

Shivangi- whoes there?

Rockycome forward and take Shivangi out.

Rockey- Shivangi, how come this happened? How come in 3 days anyone be so close? How come in 3 days become so important that her life is important than mine? I love you just in 3 days. I can even die for you?

He holds shivangi near car and say all this.

Shivangi pushes him aside.

Shivangi- how can you say this? You say you can die? Call your family and tell them about me? Call your finance and tell her?

Adding you can’t and ask him to leave. And Rockyleaves.

Shivangi sister comes- Why did he came? And what did you say?

Shivangi- I told truth. How can he propose me?

Her sister- You are getting engged, stop crying and lets go and see fight of Adi.

Shivanya- Guruji!!

Guru ji- All the things that seen by eyes are true. That boy was saying truth.

Shivanya- the naag and naagin are behind naag mani and may be those are behind shivangi. Thats why I am getting Shivangi before her 25 yrs of age.

Guru ji- only Shiv ji! Can tell about her destiny. Pray to him. May be you are not naagin anymore but you are more near to Shiv ji.

Shivanya hugs shiv ji- plz shiv ji! Save my daughter from that curse. And think I should leave before anyone sees me.

Shesha comes to same temple and turn to human form and thinks that anyone from my naag family will tell me. And all turn to human form and start dancing on naagin tune.

Shesha- Shiv ji, tell me where is shivanya??

Plz today show me her place. Just then she sees the same naag naagin who were shown in first episode.

Shesha holds them by neck- where is shivanya?

Naag- We don’t know.

Naagin- If we have known, we would not tell you!

Shesha kills them both and thinks my community is not helping me. And gets clue that she is here only and turns into shivanya form.

Adi is fighting and wins the fight.

Rockycomes there- Shivangi, need to talk you?

Shivangi Rejects and ask him to leave.

Shivangi’s sister praises aditya

Rocky- If I win will you talk to me?

Shivangi- You can’t win!

Rocky- Its a challenge.

His brothers stops him but he challenges adi.

Refree declares aabout fight.

Shesha in form of shivanya walks on market and try to find about shivanaya and listen kirana head man.

Kirana head man- Go to Shivanya house and give items they ordered.

Shesha follows him and reaches there and see bhabhi taking items and thinks need to check properly.

Shesha turns into Manav named boy and rings bells and ask about Shivanya.

Shesha in form of Manav- Where is Shivanya?

Bhabhi shows him pic of shivanya with Chandan Garland and inform Manav- Shivanya came here with her child after his husband died! But faith had other plans; she even died with child in car accident.

Manav prays and smiles with naagin eyes and leaves and turns into Shesha and dances

Bhabhi- we did what you said shivanya.

When That boy came, i singed to him (her husband) and he put Shivanya’s pic with garland.

Shivanya thanks them.

Bhabhi- but he was weired.

Shivanya thinks 🤔may be Mahisheehmati have send him. We are not safe here either. I need to marry shivangi as soon as possible.

Shesha- Yamini; Shivanya and her baby is dead. And laughs😃😂

Yamini- are you mad! If no one is alive than we both are in deep trouble; as she was only to take us to naagmani.

Shesha- now only, I am alive who can help you.

Yamini thinks that only this black Naagin is alive, now I need to kill that girl.

Rockyand Adity are fighting in ring. Rocky’s phone rings and his brother picks and inform Yamini about fight.

Yamini- that girl is also there?

Brother- yes.

Yamini- I will kill that girl.

Shesha- I will Kill her with my Posion and give to Yamini.

Rocky brother inform Shivangi’s sister about non boxer and breaking up with Ruchika.

Shivangi to herself- I only rejected his proposal and look his acting.

Sister- Shivangi, He is non boxer and even broke his engagement. He really Loves you.

And see for you only he is getting beaten up; as well see yourself, you are also in tension. Rockyloses the match.

Rockystarts leaving and shivangi stops him.

Shivangi- What was the need to do this?

Rockey- The thing that I wanted. All goes to winner for wishing, and you are here. And for me noww I am winner. As Now I also know that you love❤ me.

Shivangi- all this is not true. I am getting married in some days.

Rockey- Than break it. I also did same than why can you do? I can see in your eyes that you also love me! I know that you don’t want to accept. Why don’t you accept.

Shivangi- It’s not possible. And starts to cry; Rocky about to hug and Sapna comes.

Sapna- lets go shivangi.

Rockey- If you love me, you will come to temple and that’s place is best to meet.

Sapna and shivangi turns and shivanya stands there.

Shivanya- Whats going on? Who is that guy whom you were talking?

Shivangi- It’s not like that Maa.

Shivanya- Do you love him?

Shivangi- No Maa

Shivanya- Do you Love Adity? If so, then tell me.

Shivangi is thought full and sad

Shivanya- Love is beautiful thing, I also loved your father Ritik. And this feeling is so nice that even after seperation we love them and live with their memories.

Shivangi Accepts- Yes Maa, I love him.

Shivanya- Lets go and meet him in Mandir. And I will handle everything related to Adi and my daughter is my priority.

Rocky’s sister doing first aid. Rocking is shown shouting.

His sister- You were not shouting during fight. And now?

His brother- He was impressing Girl that time.

Yamini- So, you love her so much. Where is she?

Rocky – she was here but went. We will meet her in goddes temple.

Yamini- lts go to goddes temple.

Yamini to herself- Today is Ashtmi, let’s give her Bali to Goddess Durga.

In temple

Shivangi eagerly waiting for Rocky and Shivanya ask her to calm down.

Shivanya – First I will talk to him and his family.

Shivangi shys.

Pandit- lets do Maha aarti.

Shivanya- My daughter will do.

Rocky and Yamini enters in temple.

Yamini -You go and I will come.

Rocky goes and see shivangi.

Rocky- lets go inn Badi Maa!

Yamini pours sinddoor on his feet.

Yamini- How does shivangi looks?

Rocky- She is doing Maha Aarti and wearing Orange dress.

Yamini calls Sharpe shooter and give him gun

Yamini- Kill the girl who is doing maha aarti and wearing orange dress.

Maha aarti is going on and Yamini comes behind shivanya and shivangi. Aarti ends and shivangi turns and Yamini gets shocked.



Yamini is shocked. Sharp shooter shoots shivangi. Rockyand Shivnaya takes Shivangi to hospital.

Shivanya asks is Shivangi fine doctor? Doctor says its difficult to save her.


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