Home TV Naagin 3 17th November 2018 Written Update Nagin 3 Written Episode

Naagin 3 17th November 2018 Written Update Nagin 3 Written Episode

Colors Naagin 3 17 November 2018 Written Episode, Nagin 3 Written Update

Today’s (17.11.2018) Naagin 3 episode starts with Yuvi’s brother tease him about changind bride last minute. Mahir taunts Vish and Yuvi to have a good night.

Mahir’s sister Kuhu tells her mum that i don’t understand first Yuvi wanted to marry bela and now he has married Vishaka. Bela got rejected twice. Mahir’s mum tells Bela not to mind Kuhu’s comments.

Vish tells Vikrant that she is very happy today, he slaps her tight. Mahir’s mum tells her husband that Yuvi did wrong, but he says he is happy as marrying Vish would be good for their business, she says, our kids should be happy, thats all.

Vikrant anbd Vish fight and throw things around, everyone in the house listen to the noise from the room and are surprised.  Vish and Vikraant look at ach other with anger, they come towards each other and hold their hands while showing each other strengths, they fall on bed, more noise comes from their room, Yuvi’s brother think Yuvi is lucky as they were all hoping to have her. Vish and Vikrant continue to fight. uhu’s husband listen to noises from their room and tells her husband to stop doing it.

Bela is worried about the noises from the room, she knows Vikrants’ anger will be on Vish. Vikrant tells Vish you and Bela have tricked me. Vish says Bela has even tricked me, he says you were my friend, she says i have done so much for you but in return, you had betrayed me, She says about this marriage, i have done something for the first time, for myself and my love, she admits that she loves him, he is surprised.

She says i really love you a lot, he says are your crazy, you know i have always loved Ruhi/Bela. She says i have truly loved you and now you are my husband. He says Ruhi knows everything, she says Ruhi only thinks that you wanted to separate from Mahir, he says i have told her everything myself, she is still clueless about nagmani, he says we still lost this plan, all because of you. She says whatever happened, now dont forget i am your wife now, Vikrant hears noise and tells Vish that the vlutures have heard all our conversations, he goes out to check, he says someone was surely checking on me, He sees the vulture. He changes in to a snake, the vulture and snake (vikrant) fight, bela hears thi, she goes to Vikrant’s room, Vish informs her that the vultures have heard their conversation, they both chnage into naagin and go to check on vikrant.

Vikrant and the Vulture come to the old haveli, Bela and Vish also reach there too, Bela tells the vulture to reveal himself, the vulture says kesha, do you remember what you did to Kesha, now i have come, you will remember everything, Bela tells Vish to catch hold o the vulture, Vikrant tries, but the vulture hurts him and goes away.

Mahir comes to the room and finds Bela in tears, he asks her what happened. She says i am scared, he hugs her, he asks her to tell her what happened, she says how can i tell you that my past has come to seek revenge, you will misunderstand me, Mahir tells her not to worry as he will never misunderstand her and he knows she will never be wrong, what she did in the past was out of misunderstanding, he hugs her again and says we should have ice cream together, to change your mood. He tells her to cheer up and he will get ice cream.

Vikrant is in his room and laughs, Vish asks him why are you laughing, she notices scratches of Vultures claws, she says this can be poisonous, she uses her tongue to remove it, he continues to laugh, in a while, Vish also starts laughing, they realize that is the affect of Vulture’s poison. They have fun moment as Vish says i feel like coming closer to you.

Bela is in hallway, the vulture in his human form (Aly Goni) holds her from behind, Bela is tensed, Mahir is coming from the other way, the vulture goes away, bela looks for him, she sees him upstairs as he winks at her and leaves.

A song plays, he says i love this song, she says me toom, he holds her and takes her to dance, they romance and dance together.

Vish tells Vikrant she feels like dancing, ish shava plays as Vish dances, Mahir’s mum and dad hear the music and are surprised, Mahir’s father too gets romantic with his wife.

update in progress.


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