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Naagin 3 27 October 2018 Written Update Nagin 3 Written Episode

Colors Naagin 3 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Nagin 3 Written Update

Today’s (27.10.2018) Naagin 3 episode starts with Yuvraj informing the family about Raavan dahan. Sumoitra says that she has made a lot of arrangements. Pandit commences the puja and everyone gather for Dussehra celebrations.

Bela tells Yuvraj that she will kill Mahir who made her look bad in front of everyone. Pandit calls Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and tells him to come along with Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) to perform the puja. Mahir’s mother, Sumitra, tells him to bring the sticks and ask Bela to pour ghee in the same. Yuvraj tells Mahir that in his presence no can harm Bela. Bela asks Mahir to tell the truth. She slowly takes her Naagin form and Yuvi notices the same.

Mahir gets ready for Raavan Dahan and points the arrow towards the statue. Bela looks fiercely at him. Mahir releases the arrow and everyone celebrates. Sumitra asks Bela and Mahir to distribute sweets. Yuvraj tells Bela that he will help her in killing Mahir. Dusshera celebrations continue. Yuvi tells Maahir to distribute sweets to people present at the other side as well. Bela is about attack Mahir but she notices a child running and stops. Yuvi loosens a rope and a burning part of the statue is about to fall on him. Fortunately, Bela notices the same and Mahir somehow escapes.

In her room Sumitra notices the divorce papers that have been signed by both, Mahir and Bela. They are upset about the divorce and wonder why Mahir took such a step. In Yuvi’s room, Vikrant is brainwashing Bela about how Mahir has planned everything to cause trouble for their relationship all along. Bela assures Vikrant that she will kill him all alone and she doesn’t require his help in the same. Andy and Sumitra see Bela and Yuvi together and they are convinced that Bela is two-timing his sons.

Bela picks a fight with Mahir about why he did whatever he did. She calls him a liar. Outside their room, Vikrant is grinning with joy. Bela then starts throwing things. Mahir freaks out and calls her mental but she doesn’t stop her throwing parade. Andy and Sumitra are startled by the noises and decide to do something. Meanwhile, Bela is telling him that she will avenge her mother’s death. But in the process, she conveniently falls on him (slow clap). Twist in the story! Bela and Mahir are on the same team! They plan to deceive Yuvi into believing that they are having a fight.

there is a romantic between the two. They remember the good time spent together. Bela whispers in Mahir’s ears that she is doing all this so that Yuvraj doesn’t sense that something is wrong. Bela says that they need to continue fighting. Vikrant is happy to hear that things are getting heated up between the two. Mahir takes her to the washroom and says he felt that she would actually him. Thereafter, Bela hugs him and the two get intimate. Bela thanks him for helping her. Mahir says that he knows she won’t betray him.

There’s a flashback scene where we see that Bela had informed Mahir that the one who has come as Yuvraj is fake. She says that he has come to harm her and mother. They plan to reach Bela’s mother. Bela says that she will go alone and tells him to divert Yuvraj’s attention. Vikrant drops a text to Bela asking if she has killed Maahir or not. She reverts saying that Maahir is in the washroom and she will attack as soon as he comes out.

Bela knows that Vikrant is the one who has killed her mother and not Mahir. She remembers the last moments spent with her mother when she said that Vishakha has plotted along with Vikrant. And that, Mahir, is a good person. Bela decides to find out what Vishakha and Vikrant have planned to do. On the other hand, Vikrant feels that Bela has already killed Mahir.


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