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Naagin serial 14 November 2015 Written Update

Colors Naagin Serial Written Episode 14th November 2015

Today’s (14.11.2015) Colors serial Naagin episode starts with Shivanya (Mouni Roy) showing Ritik’s (Arjun Bijlani) ancestor’s potrait in raja’s attire. Ritik laughs and says his mom must have made this portrait to see how he looks as raja. She asks him not to laugh. She then finds secret door. Ritik says it is too narrow, how will he enter in. She says he is too lean and can easily enter. He helps her get in first and then follows her.

Snake charmer holds icchadhari nagin Sesha tightly and tells he will force her to come into her real form. Ritik’s brother laughs. Snake charmer says he is insulting god by laughing on snake and while converting snake into real form, she may die. Ankush says she should not die. Ritik comes there and forces him to leave snake. Snake runs into jungle. Ritik asks how can they torture innocent snake like this. Yamini says it was icchadhari nagin and she herself saw her changing form. Ankush stops her.

At haveli, Yamini scolds Rithik for sparing nagin, she will not spare them now. Ankush says he is hurting Tanvi’s feelings and is doing wrong, he should take care of her.

Sesha enters secret room injured and looking at Rithik’s ancestral pic says whever he goes she will follow him and will kill him at any cost.

Tanvi sees Ritik with Shivanya and gets disheartened. She goes to her room and leans on bed sadly. Rithik follows her and jokes with her. She says she loves him since she was 11 year old, but he is roaming with servant and the way he was looking at her says all. He says she saved his life, so he went to save her life, there is nothing more than that. She asks him to promise that he will not meet servant Shivanya again.

Yamini sees Shivanya and asks who is she. Shivanya stands confused. Yamini says she does not know who she is, but she wants to thank her for saving her son. She gives her money and asks her not to meet he son again and go far away. Shivanya says she does not need money and leaves sadly. Ritik comes, sees her, but stops reminiscing Tanvi’s promise that he will not meet Shivanya again.

Rithik and Tanvi’s engagement happens. Whole family claps for them. Ankush asks Yamini if she is happy now. She nods yes.

Snake charmer/sapera walks in jungle. He sees a a lonely lady and asks where is she going, what if some goon harms her. Lady says she met a goon just now. Sapera asks who is he. She says it his him and turns her face. Sapera is shocked to see same icchadhari naagin Sesha. Sesha tries to bite him. He plays been and catches her. Sesha says she wants to take revenge and will kill him at any cost. He strangulates her neck and holds her tightly. Shivanya comes there and asks him to leave woman. Sapera says she is icchadhari naagin and not woman and asks her to give his been. She throws been and pushes sapera out. Sesha gets up. Sapera holds her again. Bhairavnath comes there. Sapera says he will leave now as he can take care of nagin. Bhairavnath says he came to save nagin and punish him and says there are 2 kinds of saperas, one who catch and kill snakes and one who saves and takes care of snakes. Sapera gets tensed. Bhairavnath says nagin will take revenge at any cost. Sapera says he will not let that happen. Bhairavanth says Sesha is not the one who needs revenge and calls another snake/nagin. Nagin comes and converts into Shivanya. Bhairavnath says she needs to take revenge for injustice happened to her. Sesha kills sapera.

Shivanya continues that she prayed shivji 20 years for this day and she will take revenge. Bhairavnath asks if she remembers promise made to her parents. Shivanya says yes and tells her childhood story where she plays with her mom. Mom says after many years of pooja, shivji blesses snakes/nags to become icchadari nag/nagin and 2 nag couples child will be more powerful than them. She continues that their parents were icchadhari nags and were caretakers of shiv temple. Bhairavnath enters and informs parents that some haveli men are coming here to kill them and take mani. Mom asks child shivanya to hide behind stones and not let any sound enter her ears and pray god. Ankush and his brother enter with saperas and torture mom and dad to give mani/diamond of temple. Mom says it is temple’s property and they will not give it to anybody. Ankush kills them both and leaves telling knows where mani is. Shivanya sees Ankush and his 2 brother’s pics in mom’s eyes, but sees 2 other men’s faces blur. At present day, Bhairavnath asks she is expelled from haveli, how will she enter again. She says she has found her way already.

At haveli, Hrithik’s cousin sees him searching something and jokes it is waste to search his freedom now after engagement. Rithik says he is searching his watch. Tanvi says it was very old fashioned watch, it is good it is lost. Rithik says his mom gifted him after his graduation is it is very dearer to him. She apologizes. He thinks that he dropped watch in secret store room when he was stuck there. He takes keys from servant forecefully. Servant runs and informs Ankush that Rithik has gone to open secret room. Ankush runs and stops Ritik from unlocking door. Rithik asks what is special inside room. Ankush says nothing special, it is store room. Ritik says he saw it yesterday and saw his royal potrait also. Ankush says they should leave for Mumbai now. Servant brings watch. Ankush takes him from there.

While traveling towards mumbai, Rithik’s cousin takes him into jungle via longest route and says his girlfriend will meet him here in 10 min. Rithik scolds him and drives car alone when Shivanya comes in front of his car. Rithik comes out. Shivanya’s fiance follows her. Rithik asks not to touch her. Fiance says she is her fiancee and it is their personal issue. Rithik beats him and takes Shivany from there. Fiance then converts into Sesha. Bhairavnath comes and says Shivanya was right, she has found a way.

Yamini calls her guruji to her home and says she wanted to meet him as soon as possible. He says he knows she is tensed after seeing nagin and says he has brought shivji’s special weapon, his beltra and ties leave garland around door and says if nagin enters in, she will burn and turn into ashes.

While driving car, Ritik scolds Shivanya for lying that she is married and applies ice pack on her hand. She says it pains. He says why she bears her fiance’s torture. She says she needs job, her father ows money to her fiance and she has to work to pay his debt. Ritik says he will give her job, she save his life and now he will save her life.

Tanvi checks her marriage mantap. Decorator explains its theme. Yamini asks why did she come in mantap. Tanvi asks her to relax, nothing bad will happen now.

Rithik brings Shivanya to Raheja house and says this is his small house. Shivanya says it can hold 50 houses. Rithik says even he felt same when he saw her house and then says he is joking. He asks her to get in. Huge winds start blowing. Temple bells are shown moving. Rithik says it was a pleasant enivornment and suddenly storm came. Shivanya says storm comes suddenly always. He asks her to enter house. She sees shivji’s belptra on door and thinks evil cannot enter this house and prays shivji to help her. Belptra garland falls. Shivanya asks Ritik who tied these dried leaves on door. and throws leaves. Shivanya enters in thinking this house is made on her parent’s grave, she will kill one who killed her parents.


Shivanya looking at Ankush, Yamini and Ritik’s family portrait says she will kill her parents murderers and has to do it herself. Yamini passes by and asks what she will do.



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