Naagin Written Episode 04 June 2016, Nagin Written Update WU

Colors serial Naagin Written Update 04.06.2016

The episode starts with Yogi Raj tells Shivanya that she has to bring Kali maa down on earth with her pooja. Shivanya starts dancing in front of kali maa’s idol while yogi raj and other sadhus pray and play damroo behind. Ritik also joins her and dances while sadhus dance behind them. Shivanya picks trishul and dances and then revolves around.

Yamini gets happy thinking kali nagin/Sesha must have killed Shivanya by now, she will go and see Shivanya’s deadboy from her eyes. Angad, Divya, and Amrita enter and say they will not let her go. Angad asks how can she think of killing Rithik and Amrita asks how can she think of killing shivanya bhabhi. Yamini says Rithik is not their real brother. Angad says relationships are made with love and they cannot think mother can stoop so low. She says she is doing this for them, once she gets nagmani, they will be very rich. Angad says they don’t need money in exchange of relationships. She holds gun on herself and threatens to kill herself. They all 3 plead not to kill herself. She locks them in room and walks out.

Yamini reaches temple and calls Shesha. She with her usual overacting thinks Sesha comes in 4G speed when calls her, but today she did not come. She sees havan and thinks she will find where Sesha is via havan. She throws ash in havan and sees Sesha standing like a stone monument. She then goes to kali temple where Shivanya and Ritik are praying and hits Rithik’s head from back. Rithik falls down. She beats Ritik repeatedly and warns Shivanya to stop her prayers right now. Rithik asks her not to. Yamini picks wooden plank again and hits Shivanya repeatedly next. Shivanya pleads kali maa to come and end evil. Kali maa comes on her and she turns into kali maa with head garland around her neck and her body black. Yamini gets afraid seeing her and pleads to spare her. Kali maa says she will come on earth whever evil like her increases. Yamini pleads that she does not need nagmani. Kali maa says she will end evil today from earth and throws Yamini repeatedly and then slits her throat and throws her far away. She starts breaking things. Rithik asks how to calm down kali maa. Gurudev says when kali maa was killing asurs and drinking their blood, shivji came on her feet and she calmed down with her tongue down. He goes and falls on her feet with great difficult. Kali maa shows her long tongue and calms down. Shivanya takes back her form and falls down.

Sesha is still tied by super powers and she cannot move. She shouts Shivanya, i wil kill you. Bees come and she says she is their fiend and not enemy. The free her from magical bond. She says she will break wall tonight. They come back and form a mat under her feet and talk her in air. She thinks where are they taking her.

Rithik wakes up Shivanya and they both cry hugging each other. Shivanya says with kali maa’s blessings, her revenge is complete. They both thank Kali maa. Shivanya sees Shesha being taken by bees in air and tells Rithik that today is amavasya and Sesha will break that wall, Mahishmati people will come out, how will they stop Sesha now.

Sesha is dropped on wall by bees. She sees mahishmati palace and gets happy. Yogi raj tells Rithik that shivji gave boon and power to his family to protect nagmani along with ichadhari nags. Rithik asks shivanya is human now, how will she get back nagin powers. Yogi raj says she can get back powers if ay suryavanshi sacrifices his life.

Shivanya goes to hospital to meet Sangram and asks how is he. He says he is better now. She says today is mouni amavasya and Sesha will break mahishmati wall, mahishmatis will attack them. Sangram says his son Rithik is there to fight with mahishmatis and protect nagmani.

Rithik asks Yogi raj when to do pooja to get back Shivanya’s powers. He says today itself as today’s mouni amavasya comes in every 25 years and if nagmani goes in mahishamti’s hand, it will be with them for 25 years at least and they will destroy this world. Rithik says he is ready to sacrifice his life and save nagmani at any cost. Yogi raj asks him to bring Shivanya then and don’t let him about his plan. Rithik goes to hospital and chats with Sangram. Sangram says he is happy to see him after a long time and wants to spend rest of life with his son. Rithik also gets emotional and thinks he is seeing his son for the last time today. Their emotional bonding continues. Sangram’s condition worses. Nurse treats him and says Rithik he is fine now. Rithik tells Shivanya that they will have to go and do atmashakti pooja with which she will get nagmani powers and Yogi raj will do that pooja. They have to finish pooja before sunset.

Bees take Sesha on the other wide of wall and drop her on garden. She sees a raja walking on soldiers and thinks which world she came in. Rithik and Shivanya start pooja. Shivanya gets engrasped in pooja with closed eyes. Rithik gets emotional looking at her and thinks their relationship started for 1 day and wants her to fulfil her duty of protecting nagmani, he will sacrifice his life and will be back soo in next life to complete their incomplete story. Shivanya opens eyes and sees sadhu trying to stab Rithik. She shouts Rithik. Sangram comes in between and gets stabbed instead. Rithik shouts babaaa… Nagmani’s powers enter Shivanya and she falls down. Sangram tells Rithik that mahishmatis come out after 25 years and he has to protect nagmani, says his life is ending today but Rithik’s is just starting. He passes away peacefully. Rithik cries holding him. Shivanya wakes up and cries seeing baba dead. She gets her nagin’s powers back and her skin turns into snake skin. She goes behind shiv ling. Rithik asks Shivanya where are you. Panch nag comes and stands behind Rithik. Yogi raj says after sunset, punya amavasya will start and there will be a war between mahishmatis and suryvanshis. Rithik as a suryavanshi has to fight with mahishmatis and protect Nagmani.

Precap: Rithik tells Shivanya that Mahishmatis are coming. She says let them come. Sesha and her fight starts.

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