Naamkaran 07 November 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 07th November 2017, Namkaran 07 November 2017 Written Episode Full update

Today’s (07.11.2017) Naamkaran written episode (written update) starts with Avni greets good morning to Bebe and Shweta but they avoid her. Mishti calls Avni as angel and Bebe tells Mishti that she is the only angel. Avni tries to talk to Bebe but Bebe avoids her.

Avni is upset. Juhi shows Diwali shopping list to Avni. Avni says she does not want anything. Juhi continues to make her Diwali list. Ali comes there. Juhi tells Ali that they are organizing a Diwali party for Mishti. Ali tells Juhi that Avni is allergic to Rangoli colors and she should keep her away from it. Juhi agrees. Ali gets a phone call and he leaves. Neil is doing some work and Avni comes there and tells him that Bebe and Shweta are not talking to her.

Avni asks Neil why she should suffer alone as they were involved in the plan together. Neil asks Avni to handle the situation herself. Avni gets angry and walks away. Neil smirks. Neil thinks he is not doing office work but is working out a plan for himself and Avni. Bebe asks Doctor whether Mishti is alright. Doctor says she is fine but doctor asks Bebe to show her blood reports.  Avni tells Mishti a story and recalls how Aman had killed Dayawanti.

Mishti cries as her doll breaks. Avni says it will be alright. Juhi sees Avni and Mishti and wishes she could buy a new doll for Mishti. Guruma and Balu are in a car and Balu tells Guruma to get a lawyer for Vidyut. Guruma says that Neil cannot defeat Vidyut. Bebe and Shweta search for Bebe’s blood reports. Avni comes there and Bebe and Shweta continue to avoid her. Avni says that she is organizing a Diwali party for Mishti and she wants to learn to make sweet dish for Mishti. Bebe taunts that Avni will run away again. Bebe and Shweta continue to taunt Avni. Avni says that Neil asked her to do all. Neela says that Bebe and Shweta are just joking. Shweta complains that Avni and Neil should have involved them in their plan. Bebe asks Avni to go to kitchen and she will teach her to make sweet dish. Shweta finds the blood report but the blood group is not visible. Juhi thinks to ask Neil to buy doll for Mishti. Juhi sees Neil practicing his love confession to Avni. Juhi gets emotional. Neil sees Juhi looking at him and asks her if she wants anything. Neil calls Juhi as Avni by mistake and Juhi feels bad and goes away. Juhi sees Mishti making a doll house and tries to talk to her but Mishti does not reply. Avni comes there and Mishti shows her the doll hosue and family members. Avni asks Mishti to include Juhi too and Mishti says she is not her friend. Juhi feels bad and goes away. Avni feels bad for Juhi. Neela tells Avni that she will have to make Mishti understand patiently. Avni thinks she will have to do this fast before they go to Canada. Juhi feels bad remembering everything and thinks she will go on her own to buy the doll. Juhi leaves. Avni informs Neil that Juhi is nowhere to be seen in the house. Neil and Avni look around for Juhi and Juhi does not pick Neil’s call. Avni says that Juhi felt bad about Mishti’s words and went away. Neil finds Juhi’s phone outside the hosue. Neil doubts that someone has kidnapped Juhi. DD comes there and Neil asks him to scan the area around their house. Avni doubts that Vidyut is behind all this. Neela plays hide and seek with Mishti and Mishti hides in the cupboard. Vidyut opens the cupboard and Mishti gets very scared and calls him sir. Avni tells Neil that she will go to be with Mishti. Vidyut tells Mishti that he will find her wherever she is because he is her father. Vidyut tells Mishti that no one can separate him from his daughter.

Naamkaran 08th November 2017 Precap:

Guruma and Vidyut enter a godown and Neil arrests them.

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