Naamkaran 08 November 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 08th November 2017, Namkaran 08 November 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (08.11.2017) Naamkaran written episode (written update) starts with Vidyut tells Mishti he will take her away from angel. Vidyut breaks Mishti’s doll while Avni approaches Mishti’s room. Mishti cries and Vidyut escapes from the window. Avni bangs Mishti’s room door and it is locked.

Shweta and Neela say that they were playing hide and seek with Mishti. Everyone knocks on the door but Mishti does not open the door. They are finally able to break open the door and Avni sees that Mishti is very scared. Avni asks Mishti how her doll broke. Mishti says sir. Avni asks Mishti whether Vidyut came to her room and Mishti agrees. Avni asks Neela to inform Neil that Vidyut came to their house. Avni is worried that Vidyut must have kidnapped Juhi too.

Neil is very angry knowing that Vidyut broke into his house. DD cannot find Juhi. Neil gets a call from his landlord but he does not take it. Mishti is scared and Neil consoles her. Neil tells Mishti that he will protect her and her angel. Avni tells Mishti that she will show her a magic after which she will never be scared. Neil tells his family members not to be scared and he will increase security. Juhi suddenly comes back.

Neil scolds Juhi and tells her that his team was searching for her. Neil tells Juhi that he found her phone outside the house. Neil tells Juhi that Vidyut had come to the hosue and scared Mishti. Juhi is scared. Neil tells Juhi that they feared that she is kidnapped. Juhi says that she went to get a doll for Mishti. Neil gets angry. Bebe controls Neil and asks Juhi to give the doll to Mishti. Juhi goes and Shweta says that Juhi should be more responsible. Neil says that Vidyut has not found about Juhi being alive. Neil tells DD that he wants to arrest Vidyut and Guruma together. Juhi meets Mishti and tells her that she has got something for her. Juhi gives Mishti the doll. Mishti gets happy. Juhi is scared that Vidyut may tell Neil that he is Mishti’s real father. Juhi thinks she has to hide this truth from Neil. Avni enters the room and sees Juhi there and hides the doll which she repaired for Mishti. Mishti sees that Avni repaired her doll and she throws away the doll that Juhi got for her. Juhi gets upset and Avni apologizes to Juhi. Juhi goes into her room and locks the door and Avni continues to apologize to her. Avni says that she repaired Mishti’s doll as she is attached to it. Neil comes there and asks Avni not to apologize and he will talk to Juhi. Neil asks Juhi to open the door. Bebe sees a gift box under Neil’s bed. Bebe sees that the box contains Neil-Avni’s pictures and decorative items. Bebe finds a letter and asks Shweta to read it. Shweta reads that it is Neil’s love confession for Avni. Bebe understands that Neil is planning a surprise for Avni to confess his love. Bebe says that Juhi ruined Neil’s plans. Neela asks her not to blame Juhi. Shweta too feels that Juhi is to be blamed as Neil and Avni are not getting time because of Juhi. Neela admits to it. Juhi tells Neil that she only has Mishti and has no one else. Juhi says that she has lost her parents and also lost him. Juhi says that she is broken completely. Juhi tells Neil that she is living just for Mishti. Juhi says that Mishti is not ready to come close to her. Neil tells Juhi that she has got her life back. Neil tells Juhi that he will always be her friend and Avni will also be her friend. Neil asks Juhi not to be scared of Vidyut. Neela also comes there and assures Juhi that everything will be alright. Shweta asks Neil to go to Avni and they will take care of Juhi. Neil goes to the kitchen and sees Avni throwing the custard which she prepared for Avni. Avni admits that Juhi is unable to come close to Mishti because of her. Neil tells Avni not to think like that and they cannot tell Mishti the truth about Juhi just as yet. Neil thinks Avni is upset and he will have to do something.


Guruma and Vidyut enter a godown and Neil arrests them.

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