Naamkaran latest news – Neel hires fake Avni to expose Dayawanti

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus’ Naamkaran, we have seen that Avni (Aditi Rathore) finally confesses to Neel (Zain Imam) that she is not Ananya but Avni, grand-daughter of Dayawanti Mehta. Neel tells Avni that he will support her and Daywanti Mehta.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Namkaran viewers will get to see a new netry who would bring interesting twist in the story line ahead.

TV actress Sana Amin Sheikh (Krishnadasi fame), will enter the show as Fake Avni and claim to be real Avni. The new girl is planted by Neil to find Dayavanti’s plan. Neil has promised Neela that he will be exposing Dayavanti within a week time. Neil has seen Dayavanti’s true face.

Dayavanti is keen to know about Avni, who is in Neil’s custody. Amol kidnaps her on her arrival. He informs Dayavanti that he has done the work. Dayavanti and Diksha reach the godown to see her.

Ecventually it will be revaled that the Fake Avni is cop. She will make a dramatic entry with an item number. Lots of interesting twists and turns in the show ahead.

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