Home TV Naamkaran Written Episode 10 October 2016, Namkaran Written Update

Naamkaran Written Episode 10 October 2016, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 10.10.2016

The Episode starts with Ali and Avni boarding the school bus. Asha calls her out and runs after the bus to give tiffin to Avni. Ali talks to Avni about the tiffin, what did she get today. He sees Asha and tells Avni that Asha is running behind the bus. He asks driver to stop bus. Asha gives tiffin to Ali. They leave. Ali argues with Kia in the class. Kia asks what is Avni writing, maybe she did not do her homework, lets see. She goes and takes Avni’s copy. Avni asks her to return the book. Kia refuses. Avni says this is my last warning. Kia says this girl is mad, hear it friends, what did she write in her book, I will not be angry with her father, poor girl, her father did not come on sports day, she wrote this on all pages. The classmates laugh.

Avni asks for the book. Ali and Avni try to
snatch the book. Teacher comes and asks whats going on. Kia says they both are beating me. Ali says she is lying. Kia says I was doing sums, I asked help from Avni, she has beaten me. Teacher asks Avni to show her sums. She checks Avni’s book and asks whats all this. She scolds Avni. She asks did you beat Kia. Avni says I was just taking my book back. Teacher says out of my class, go and stand in corridor. Avni says hear truth first, all elders are same, they don’t say truth and don’t hear too. Ali says I will also go with my best friend. They both go out. Ali asks Avni why did she say truth. Avni says I will not lie. Ali asks what do you want. Avni says don’t know, I m confused, I m annoyed with Papa, I love him a lot, this is truth.

Sumi gives tea to Asha and asks her not to worry. Asha says Avni never did this, I called her out and she did not turn, I thought she will get normal, but this time she is adamant to know truth. Ashok asks why don’t you tell her truth. Sumi asks what are you saying. Ashok says why to lie to cover up own mistakes, tell truth to Avni, Avni is worried here and Ashish’s mum is also worried, she pulled Ashish and took him at night, I could not see. Asha asks what. Ashok asks Avni why does she not tell truth to Avni if she is not wrong. She recalls Ashish’s words and leaves. Sumi asks Ashok what was the need to say this.

Hemant talks to Neela. She asks him why did he make her close eyes. He laughs and says I got philosophical, open eyes now. She asks what is it. He shows her the surprise, with her childhood pics with her mum. She smiles. Hemant plays his wife’s message for Neela. He signs Neela to come and hear her mumma. Neela cries and hears her mum’s message. Her mum says I can’t see Neela’s marriage, else I would have made her ready.

She describes the bridal dress, and says I decided all your dresses, I gave good list to your Papa, remember one truth, life will try to fail you by breaking your dreams, but you never lose, when your dreams fulfil, then fulfil other’s dreams, when dreams die, you die, I did not let dreams die, not mine and not of others, I explained Hemant well, he is a gem. Neela hugs the recorder. Her mum tells about marriage binding two people, but relation is beautiful when it binds two hearts, no two people are alike and none is perfect, so beauty of relation is to understand each other, find goodness, then see life will become great. Hemant and Neela cry. Her mum says my love and blessings are always with you, I love you so much. Neela hugs Hemant and says I also love you Maa.

Hasmukh comes to meet Dayaben at her office and sees her scolding the people. She sends them and asks Hasmukh to sit. She asks what will you have. He says nothing. She still asks. He says coffee. She asks man to get buttermilk and says coffee is not good for health. She says you are Ashish’s friend. Hasmukh says yes, before becoming your son in law. She says if I keep both relations and weigh, which will be more. He says friendship. She says I m glad, you know Ashok was four year old, he said he wants to fly, I explained him a lot that humans can’t fly, he did not agree, then one day he jumped from a tall tree, I had to take him to hospital and keep him there for one month. He says yes, I remember, Ashish told this to me. She asks then he would have told you what he has hidden from me, explain him to forget that Muslim girl, he is adamant again, if he falls this time, I will not lift him. He says I will try. She says don’t try, promise me that you will stop him from falling down. She asks him to have butter milk. She says keep friendship now, manage your friend.

Ali and Avni talk while standing out of the class. Principal asks Avni why is she standing outside. She talks to the teacher and says Avni is a bright student, why did you punish her. Teacher shows Avni’s book and says Avni was beating other kids in class. Principal asks Avni what is this. Avni says I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. Ali says she is principal mam. Avni asks what shall I do, I m not afraid of anyone.

Principal tells Avni that Ashish did not attend any PTM, no one has seen him till now, what is the reason.


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