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Naamkaran Written Episode 19 December 2016, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 19.12.2016, 19th December WU

The episode starts with Asha asking Ashish to return to Neela. She says Neela will have rights on you after marriage, you will be hers forever. Ashish says there is some matter, why are we repeating what already happened. Avni says Ashish is doubting. Aladin asks Aisha to shut door. Ashish asks Asha to say it. Asha says you leave from here, and don’t come here again. They cry. Ashish looks at her. Asha pushes him out and shuts door. Aladin gets relieved. Asha cries. Avni and Fatima cry seeing her. Avni hugs Asha and says its over. Aladin asks Angie not to cut,
no actor can give such natural shot. Fatima says Avni becomes daughter in one moment and mother in another moment.

Ashish comes home and cries seeing mangalsutra. He recalls Asha’s words. Hasmukh comes there and sees Ashish.
He asks are you drinking. Ashish says I thought you left me like everyone. Hasmukh says what nonsense, why are you doing this. Ashish says Ashudi left me. Hasmukh asks will you become devdas, you are drinking in this house. Ashish asks what else can I do, my mum has my life’s remote control, what shall I do. Hasmukh says this is result of boarding two boats, I explained you many times. Ashish says I m indebted to Avni and Asha’s love, how to pay back this debt. Dayaben comes and says I will say. She asks Hasmukh to go, she has to talk to Ashish. Hasmukh says sure and goes.

She shuts the door and sees Ashish drinking. Aladin shows the scenes to Neela. Neela says how will he love me, he loves Asha, this is called true love. Aladin says I know, its outdated, love is done on conditions or by seeing money, its deal these days. Neela agrees and says if we say anyone about Asha and Ashish’s love, they will not believe, did Asha and Avni doubt that I m financing the movie. Aladin says no, financier name is Champak noodles. She asks what, okay, so that’s your plan to make movie with real actors, brave, its risky. Aladin says I need your help, Avni decided to shoot in Dayaben’s house. Neela asks what. Aladin says Avni is adamant, she does not listen. Neela says its risky, you know what will happen. He asks her to help. She says I will help, but if Asha and Avni doubt then…. Avni comes there and sees Neela. Aladin says I m gone.

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Avni says sorry, you are good aunty, but you are marrying Ashish, you want revenge from Dayaben, but mumma and I will not be part of your revenge. Neela says I know, but trust me, I will not do anything that you and Asha become part of my revenge, but we have a connection, so nature brings us together, you saved my life, let me help you once. Avni asks how can you help me. Neela says you can’t think of shooting inside Dayaben’s house. Aladin says Avni I will fulfill responsibility of film making by taking anyone’s help. Neela says I can help you, please let me help. Aladin nods. Avni agrees and hugs Neela. Neela says I will fulfill my promise and help you. Avni asks but how. Neela says let me come up with a plan. She hugs Avni and leaves.

Dayaben says my house is my temple, why are you ruining it. Ashish says ruining is your department, I m just drinking wine. She asks him to stop it, Neela is doubting, Hemant has seen you in this state, its your marriage in 2 days. She takes mangalsutra and says you went there again. She is about to throw it. He shouts and takes it back from her. She asks him to shout more, what was he going to tell her.

He says I have done wrong, I m not able to meet your eyes, I m ashamed for your deeds, I can’t see you, stop this. Its not good for anyone. She says you will not go out for 2 days, marriage functions are starting. He ruins the room in anger and asks till when will we do this acting, one day even Neela will know truth. She says till my breath is running. She leaves.

Asha says heart hurts a lot, can this happen that I still love Ashish. Fatima says maybe, woman’s life is such, even I love your mean father till now. She consoles Asha. Asha says there is nothing to get angry now, I realized this today while returning mangalsutra, for a moment, I fell weak, but then I thought of Avni, and made heart strong, we will never meet now. Fatima asks will you be able to do this. Asha says his marriage is in two days, now having any hope will be foolishness. Fatima hugs her and asks her to have patience.

Avni gets coffee for Aladin. They have a talk. She asks how do you like Neela. He says she is hot, she is getting married, find someone else for me. She laughs and says bad joke, I m asking should we trust Neela, after all she loves Ashish.

Neela asks Dayaben to meet her special guest Avni. Dayaben gets shocked.


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