Home TV Naamkaran Written Update 25th July 2017, Namkaran Written Episode

Naamkaran Written Update 25th July 2017, Namkaran Written Episode

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 25 July 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update 25th July 2017

Today’s Naamkaran 25 July 2017 episode starts with Neil asking a man abour Raghu Panit who is involved in human trafficking of girls. The guys denies. Neil tells him that if you don’t co-operate i will have to cancel your license. The guy agrees to co-opertae.

Shweta syas what am i hearing. She says Ali i am surprised. I had come to give you guys food. Ali tells her that Shweta is the one who had called neil the other day. Shweta pretends to be shocked and makes

neel’s father says that from today Kareena will go with Ali. Ali says that how can i go, i didn’t get admission. neel’s father says i have a envelope. Ali opesn its and finds he has got college admission.

Kareena messages her facebook friend that she cannot him today as someone from the family will be with her.

Riya tells Ali i have done all of this. Shweta says Riya are you mad. Riya tells shut up aunty. Ali yells at Riya. Riya says Ali i know you are in love with Avni. Shweta says Avni is not in love with him else whe would not have married Neil. She curses Avni. Ali feels bad and tells Shweta that you don’t know Avni. She is a good girl. She did all of this because of Dayawanti. Shweta says Avni? Who Avni.. Ali is in a fix.

Aman goes to Neela for her blessing on his first day of college. Neela tells him that he will have to make Avni realize her love for her brother on Rakhi day.

Shweta acts to be in shock. Riya says Neel will never be happy in this marriage after knowing that Avni and Ali are so close. Shweta tries to brainwash Ali that Neel is not happy in the marriage. She says she is also worried that no one should come between him and Avni. She says Avni doesnot even take care of Neil. Ali asks Shweta how can you say there is nothing between Neel and Ananya. She says we will have to show you soon some proof. She leaves.

Bebe complains how Shweta does some or the other drama every other day. Neel comes to Neel’s house. Bebe tells her to be comfortable. Neela says after marriage, Neil and Avni have not spend quality time together. She says i have a surprise for them. She reveals a honeymoon package and says that this could bring them together. Bebe is happy. She tells Shweta should not do any drama.

Shweta and Riya too have some evil plan to send them on honeymoon. Aman is waiting for Kareena in college. he calls her where is she. She says i had some work and i have left. Kareena says you go ahead.. and i am not a kid. Aman says okay.. don’t be upset. He sees her going somewhere and follows her. Kareena is looking for someone. A guy gives rose to Kareena. Aman is shocked to see him. She introduces herself and asks him he is in this college. He says i have passed out from college and i am your senior. Kareena leaves with the guy and Aman thnks of finding about this guy.

Bebe tells Shweta that Neela has got nice gift for Ananya. Shweta reads about the honeymoon package. Neela asks Shweta if she wouldn’t mind. She says i was also thinking about it. Bebe says how can Shweta think of such nice ideas. Riya says that aunty and i were thinking about honeymoon destination. Shweta says i was thinking of sending them to Coorg, coffe plantations which is so beautiful, as it is a perfect location. Neela says no issues they can go to any location they like. Coorg is decided as the location.

Aman confronts Kareena with the guy. Kareena is shocked to see Avni. The guy sneaks out seeing Avni. Aman asks Avni how come she is here. She says i have come to pick you guys. Avni asks Aman who paid your fees. She tells Kareena to sit in car. She warns Aman not to try his evil plans in Neel’s family as the family he lives now is different from the one where is was brought up. She says he has to take care of himself and not depend on others.

Naamkaran 26th July 2017 Precap

Riya tells Avni that Neel should not have cancelled homeymoon plans. Avni sees Neel and tries to make him hear while she tells Riya that She sais yes only for sake of his family. Ali hears this on phone and thinks that Avni is also not ahppy with this marriage.



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