Nach Baliye 7 Daily Punchanama 19 May 2015: Upen-Karishma Mrunal-Sharad win First Love Challenge, Agar Main Kahoon

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Today’s (19.02.2015) Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 7 starts with recap of yesterday’s “Agar Main Kahoon” Love challenge, where female contestants are given five questions which have multiple answers to select from.

One of the question is that if your partner flirts with another lady what will you do?

Aishwarya and Karishma say that they will give him Khunus ki Maut (kill him with revenge) to their partner while Amruta says that she will do an item song an embarrass him.

Sana, Pooja, Nidhi, Payal and Rashmi select that uski khushi mein khushi rahoongi (let him flirt).

Next question is what if your husband goes out and leaves you alone on your honeymoon?

Aishwarya reveals that they didn’t go for a honeymoon only yet and selects Dindhora peetongi (reveal everyone).

Mrunal, Amruta say Kapade mein aag lagaoongi (burn all his clothes).

Karishma, sana, rashmi, Payal, Nidhi and Pooja say tarsaaongi bakee honeymoon pe (make him crave).

Next question is what if you find your partner secretly meeting his ex-girlfriend?

Most of the girls say that Zindagi Bhar Sunaoongi (make him hear throughoout his life) apart from options like will start meeting her ex too or welcome the ex-girlfreind at house.

Later, Rithvik calls the boys and asks them the same question and they have to guess what they think will their wife/partner do?

There are five hearts on standies. If the male partner guess all right optons, the girl partner can pass through each heart and go ahead and hug their partner as well as win the love challenge

Celebrity couples have fun together as its interesting to see that the male partners guess it wrong.

Jay Soni gets most of the options wrong and it is fun to see Pooja getting mad over him especially on the option where she selected that she will let him flirt if she finds him flirting with another lady. Jay says that she will she will do item song. Pooja yells at hime to sect an option like that.

Towards the end, Upen Patel-Karishma Tanna and Mrunal Thakur-Sharad Tirpathi win the First love Challenge of the week “Agar Main Kahoon”.

Tomorrow’s episode will see second love challenge of the week where Payal Rajput and Upen Patel will get into an argument.

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