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Nach Baliye 7 Daily Punchanama 24 June 2015 : Madam Mechanic (Tyre Changing) Love challenge

Nach Baliye 7 Too Much, Madam Mechanic Love Challenge, latest news, gossips Written episode (Update) – NB7



Today’s (24.06.2015) Star Plus Nach Baliye 7 Daily Punchanama episode starts with continuation of Sach Baliye Love challenge (Lie Detector Test) where Rithvik inform Mayuresh-Ajisha that as per the polygraph test they are not dating each other for a year and Mayuresh had lied about it.

Deepesh syas that when he had seen Mayuresh-Ajisha entered the show he had thought that they were not really a couple.

Ajisha says that she is not a PDA person and will not show off being in a relationship.

Rohit also says that he too had heard that Mayuresh is coming into NB7 and might have a girl joining him as a couple only for the sake of participation.

Mayuresh says that is he had to get anyone for participating in the show sake then he would have got a better contemporary dancer than Ajisha.

He says that their parents know about their relationship and he is on National TV to let everyone know.

Rithvik says that we believe you but you will not get a heart in this love challenge as per test results.

Next Rithvik comes to Upen and Karishma.

He informs that as per polygraph test result Karishma is not sure that Upen will marry her while she and Upen had confidently answered yes to the question.

Upen says that a machine cannot tell what they think and will do!

Ritvhik says Karishma Tanaa was asked that have you both cheated for winning love challenges and both had denied cheating.

Rohit he says he stands by Upen while Himashoo says that he thinks they had cheated.

Rithvik says that as per the machine they have lied which means they has cheated in the love challenges.

Karishma says that both of us know that we have not cheated and if we would have cheated then we would have won all the love challenges.

Upen says that we have enjoyed all these love challenges and not cheated. And why would cheat as we will not win something big or become a Shahrukh or Salman Khan.

Rithvik says that he has not said personally that Upen has cheated. Upen says that Himanshoo has pointed out him cheating.

He says that he is hurt now with people finger pointing at him and talking against them to media. Why are people doing this as they are famous and hardworking.

He only took the phone as he had some other plans. He gets angry and says it’s insulting.

Rithvik says that this is good point to clarify things as people also blame them to do engagement with Karishma as he wanted to cover up drama about them cheating.

Upen says sorry to Karishma that he brought her to such situation where people are questioning her. He says that he has worked with greatest people and come to a level on his own.

He says that these game is way too insulting as his family including grandparents are watching this show.

Rithvik says that he will give the results of the other questions answered by Karishma.

Karishma says that she does not want to know the results as she does not want to give importance to a machine.

Rithvik tells that Karishma had said No while Upen had said Yes to the question that it is more important for her to win love challenge to maintain peace in their relationship.

He says that machine results says that it is inconclusive.

Karishma says that love challenges are not important than their dance performance.

Rithvik says that Upen-Karsihma ddo not win the heart as per rules of the love challenge.

Next are Nandish-Rashmi.

They were asked if Rashmi has ever spied on Nandish and both had said no. As per the machine their answer was true.

Rashmi had said that Nandish had never raised his hands on her. Nandish too had said No. The machine too confirmed they said true.

Rithvik says that Rashmi is only one person whose all answers are true unlike others who had false or inconclusive.

Nandish-Rashmi win a heart in Sach Baliye Love Challenge and it is end of First Love challenge

Later, Rithvik welcomes couples to the second love challenge to “Madam Mechanic” Love challenge.

He welcomes Mayuresh-Ajisha and Rohit-Aishwarya to start with the challenge. Girl partners are dressed in Garage outfits.

Rithvik asks Ajisha what she thinks will be in this love challenge. Ajsiha says that they might have to change tryres.

Rithviks asks her does she know to change the tyre. She says no. he asks her what do you call a spare tyre. She says do not know.

Rithvik informs that the girls have to change the tyres and have to replace with Stepney while the boys will see and instruct them. However, there’s a twist that in between there will be music played and joid will have to start dancing like a Baraati. (Indian wedding dance)

Mayuresh is happy to hear that they have to dance in Baarati style.

Rithvik says that they will have to dance with whatever they have in their hand or position they are.

Music starts and the couples start dancing. Music stops, the boys start instructing the girls to change the tyres.

Ajisha finds it difficult as she has never changed the tyres.

Rohit seems to be yelling at Aishwarya while instructing her. He also says its physically challenging for her.

In between again the music starts and the couples start dancing in Baraati start. Ajsiha enjoying dancing in Bollywood style.

Aishwarya keeps looking at Ajisha and Rohit tells her to concentrate. gain music plays and the couples start dancing.

Music stops and they get back to task.

Ajisha is first to get the Stepney from the back of the car and fixing it.

Later Aishwarya finds it difficult to hold the Stepney.

Tomorrow will be continuation of the Madam Mechanic Love challenge (Tyre changing).

















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