Namkaran upcoming twists – Vidyut to proclaim love for Avni

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Namkaran (Naamkaran) serial in the upcoming episodes.

It would be seen that Ragini Pandit buries Avni (Aditi Rathore) inside a wall. Neil (Zain Imam) finds out Avni and breaks the wall and rescues Avni. He gets worried for Avni’s life. He hugs Avni and asks her to open eyes. 

Neel feels Avni is losing his breath. He promises to protect her. He tells her that he will always be there with her as shadow, she has to get back to him once. Avni has tolerated Ragini Pandit’s wrath with courage. Avni asks jailer to call the doctor. Doctor is called for the emergency. Doctor checks Avni and tells Neil that Avni’s life is in danger, they need to shift her to the hospital. Avni gives some message to Neil.

Meanwhile, Vidyut learns about Ragini Pandit’s interrogation. He meets her at the police station. Neil happens to meet them and reveals how Ragini Pandit has attempted to kill Avni. Vidyut tells Ragini Pandit that he loves Avni a lot, he gets much peace with Avni’s name. He tells her that he wants Avni in his life. Ragini Pandit doesn’t tell him what she has done with Avni. Neil asks Ragini Pandit to see Vidyut’s obsession for Avni, why does she want to trouble Vidyut by hurting Avni. He asks Vidyut to ask his mum about Avni, she is saying Avni has escaped, but what is she doing here if her plan was also to escape.

Neil counters Vidyut and Ragini Pandit. Neil and Vidyut have an argument. Neil tells Vidyut that just he can tell them about Avni. He says Avni wasn’t found in jail, because your mum had buried Avni behind the wall and left her to die. Vidyut says my mum can’t do this, she knows I love Avni, you are lying and trying to instigate me against my mum. Neil asks Vidyut to believe him, his mum is a cunning and wicked woman. ?

Vidyut denies to believe him. Neil says your mum is not a good woman, she just does drama to use you in her crimes. Vidyut asks Neil to shut up. Neil threatens to kill him. He says just the law is stopping me from taking your life, today Avni is fighting with death just because of your mum. Ragini Pandit worries for Vidyut’s anger. Neil tells Vidyut that if he really cares for Avni, he should realizes his mistake. Vidyut will soon know his mum’s bad deeds. Vidyut rushes to see Avni at the hospital.

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