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Nimki Mukhiya update: Sweety punishes Rituraj in front of all

Nimki Mukhiya latest news and upcoming twists

Fans of Star Bharat serial Nimki Mukhiya will have to gear up for some high voltage drama in the coming episodes! Tetar Singh is happy that Nimki‘s sister Mahua agrees to come for campaign but Anaro is unhappy. Tetar tells her that he can do anything if it helps his campaign and once he has won the elections, he will show his power.

Rituraj tells Anaro to get ready for the campaign so that everyone one knows about the unity in their family. Babbu gets tensed and tells Nimki that they should cancel the rally. Nimki tells him that it is OK to be nervous but they should think about their coming child and encourages him to be ready for the rally.

Sweety also does not want to be a part of Tetat’s rally and wants to support Nimki. Rituraj tells Sweety that he would kill Babbu and Nimki in order to win the elections. He threatens her that he will asks his goons to kill Nimki’s family. Sweety agrees to join him in the rally unwillingly. Tunne tells Mahaua that she should not support Tetar Singh but she wants to bring Nimki back home at any cost. Tetar gives a speech in his rally and talks ill about his son Babbu. Rituraj threatens Sweety to remain silent else he will kill everyone. Sweety finally breaks her silence when he threatens to destroy her dignity again. Sweety takes a stand for her self esteem and tells everyone in the rally that Tetar Singh and Rituraj are criminals. They don’t deserve to get any votes but should be jailed for their crimes. She beats up Rituraj in front of everyone and scolds him. Nimki and Babbu get happy that Sweety finally found the courage. Babbu also supports Sweety.

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