Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 01 March 2017 Written Update PMHMD Written Episode

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 01st march 2017 PMHMD Written Update 01.03.2017

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil serial episode starts with Naina asking what happened to Zeenu. Raghav says I noted car number, don’t worry, we will see him later, we will take her to hospital first. Raghav and Naina take Zeenu to hospital. He asks doctor to hurry up and do treatment. Lady doctor Sonu calls out Raghav. Raghav smiles seeing her. Sonu hugs and kisses him. She says what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing here. He says we got Zeenu here but doctors does not understand emergency here. She says don’t worry, I will see. She checks Zeenu and says she looks in trauma, do you know her. He says she is my employee’s friend. She sends Zeenu for treatment. She says don’t worry Raghav, patient will get fine soon, you can stay back and have a coffee with me. He agrees.

Naina thanks Raghav and gives him coffee. He says such a bad coffee, can’t you do anything well, are you so bitter that coffee got bad, buy a good perfume by next salary. She says I m happy with what I have, maybe you have allergy by paint, not perfume, and about coffee, I think you will like the coffee by Dr. Sonu. He says Dr. Sonali. She asks really, I heard something else, maybe she is your old friend. He says I would have this as jealousy, but we have no relation between us, I don’t think I need to give you an answer, like I don’t know whose child are you carrying.

She says you still love Sanjana, why are you running girls. He says someone broke my heart, then I realized everything can join except heart, I went with Sonali on two dates, she liked my company, our marriage broke, don’t think about me, I m fine, think about the man who cheated you. He goes. Sonali says tell Naina that Zeenu is out of danger. He thanks her.

Naina says what do you think of yourself, will I hear anything. He says listen to me. She says you listen to me…. She faints. He holds her. Sonali asks ward boy to get stretcher. Raghav puts Naina on stretcher.

Sonali does Naina’s checkup. She makes Naina sit. She says this had to happen, how can anyone take stress in this stress, think of your baby, its three month right. Naina nods. Sonali says Raghav, don’t put work burden on pregnant employee, else you have to answer her husband, husbands get possessive in this state. She asks Naina shall I call your husband if you want. Naina says he is not with me. Sonali says so sorry, take care, he will be always with you. Naina says I know, my husband is always with me. She sees Raghav. He dumps her purse and leaves.

Sonali asks Raghav to come for coffee. He says some other time. She gives her card and says call me if you miss me, I will wait for your call. She hugs him and goes. He crushes her card and says I don’t meet any woman more than twice.

Naina asks Zeenu are you fine. Zeenu says yes, I have to pay for car damage. Naina says you are mad and did not change. Zeenu says you forgot me, you changed, I saw you on tv, how were you two fighting, is everything okay. Naina says no, we both got separated. Zeenu asks what, he was a nice guy. Naina says take rest, I will tell you everything, don’t take stress, try to recall the driver’s face who has hit you. Zeenu says no. I saw you on tv and was running to meet you, I don’t remember about the car, it was white color car.

Naina says Raghav said same, he has noted down number, we are not together, but I know him, he will get that man punished. She goes to inspector and says I did not see car, Raghav has seen car, he will tell you. Raghav comes and tells inspector that he has seen black color car. Naina says but you said Zeenu was hit by white color car. He says did you run after car, be quiet and let me help police. Inspector asks did you note car number. Raghav says I tried, but could not note number.

Naina says how can this happen, you said… He says you won’t talk in between, Naina is Zeenu’s best friend, she is in trauma, so making stories. She says I m not confused. Inspector says you did not see car and did not note number, let us do our work, go and rest. Raghav asks her to let police do work, can I complete my civic duty. Inspector says inform us if you remember anything. Raghav says sure. Sonali gives Zeenu’s medical reports.

Raghav asks Sonali to meet at night. She says sure, I will call you. She goes. Naina looks on. She asks Raghav why are you doing this, you gave wrong statement to inspector, you have sent Dilraj and now punishing Zeenu, why are you lying, answer. He says what will I say if I did not see anything, I can’t do tampering of evidence. He goes home.

Raghav talks to Dadi and says I stopped someone from getting justice today, I know the culprit, maybe I have done wrong, but not with any wrong intention, believe me Dadi. Someone walks in home. Raghav goes downstairs. The guy says Raghav Mehra, its good to see you compromising for the first time, I m roaming free after hitting Zeenu, all thanks to you.

Naina thinks of Raghav’s words. She says he thinks he can sleep peacefully when Zeenu is in pain in hospital, how did Raghav become stone hearted, since I got Dilraj back from jail, she lost sleep, she is so worried, Raghav has to answer me, he can’t play with innocent people’s lives.

Raghav and the guy argue. Raghav says its my work to play with dangers, why are you getting in between.

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