Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 02 March 2017 Written Update PMHMD Written Episode

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 02nd March 2017 PMHMD Written Episode 02.03.2017

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil episode starts with the guy arguing with Raghav. He says I have your weakness, if anyone knows my doing, it will be your deed, you won’t do this, you are smart, I explained you, I will remind, see this. He shows a video. Raghav says I m not scared of blackmail. The guy says then get scared, this is just trailer, picture is still there, drink your anger, else I will leak this MMS. Raghav says get out. The guy leaves.

Naina walks on road crying and thinks of Raghav’s words. She comes to meet Raghav and collides with that guy. He goes. She sees Raghav drinking and asks are you drinking to hide your inner conscience, you remind me of Veer, you got worse than him, being proud of richness.

He says you are still missing Veer, this is not any bus stop that you come anytime. She says stop it, why are you dragging me, to impress whom? Is this your greatness? He says you were great, I was always bad, the difference is I like to be bad now, if you leave, your cry can end. She says you have no right to play with anyone’s life.

She shuts the door and says till I don’t get my answers, I will not leave from here. She asks why did you lie in front of police. He says I did not lie, get out. She says you were liar, you are and will always be. He says shut up, lower your tone, else my family will wake up. She asks are you scared of your respect falling, you are like this, cold and calculative. He asks her to get out. She says I will not go, answer me why did you lie to police, I could not think you can fall so low. He asks who are you to ask me for an explanation, did you give me explanation about the guy, that guy left you, fate brought us in front of each other, you want to know why I did this…. Sonali knocks door. He smiles and goes to open door.

Sonali says we had a date tonight, we can celebrate. She sees Naina and says I thought… Raghav says she was leaving, our work is over, get the files home, I m tired, I worked all day, I want some break. Naina picks files. Raghav drinks with Sonali. Naina looks on. Sonali says Naina is so good and loves her husband, she is raising child alone. Raghav says leave it, we will talk about us. Naina gets angry and thinks fix marriage today, I would have not come here to spoil your party if I did not had to know reason of your life. She goes. Sonali hugs Raghav. He pushes her. She asks what happened.

He says I don’t need your love, I was just timepassing with you and other girls, I m not the guy you are finding, I don’t want to keep any relation, you are a nice girl but you love me, but I can’t be yours, just go. Sonali leaves.

Its morning, Naina sits working in office and gets backache. Raghav gets more files for her. He burdens her with work. He taunts her for wasting energy in spoiling live interviews. She says I have worked on files. The man praises Naina for her work. Raghav asks who are you. The man says I m Parth, this company’s HR, I was on leave and did not get time to meet you, Naina is valuable asset for this company. Raghav says you are praising her so soon, did you see her beauty and know her work, why, I will have a doubt, Naina spoils work, she has sent me to jail, she always argues and does drama. He asks Naina to get breakfast for him and do her work.

Naina says everything is done. He sees breakfast and says it looks nice. She asks him to enjoy. He thinks what did she add in it and keeps it back. She says I made food for you for this job. He says even I die by thirst, I would not have water by your hands. She says so much fear is not good for health. He asks her to send the person with whom he has meeting. She sits and says you are next meeting with me. He says new drama again. She says no, helplessness, you are always busy in meetings or with beautiful doctors. He says I m hungry, I will order my breakfast, go and work.

She says this meeting time is mine, I won’t go, I want my answers, tell me why did you lie to police. He says my night time is not yours. She says I don’t care, you said… He says I called hospital. I will pay for Zeenu’s bills. She says you can tag price for everything, you think world is charity case, its hit and run case, that man will hit someone else, what will you do then, my friend is unable to go on work, you are paying for her suffering, I will not sit quiet till I get justice for her. He says do anything, go to your desk, let me enjoy brownie. He eats and coughs, asking why is this brownie so spicy. She asks him to say truth or bear lie. He shouts get out. She leaves.

Raghav scolds an office employee. The man says I had a request, I want leave, my wife is pregnant. Raghav asks what will you do at home. The man says my wife feels weak and gets back ache, I want to be at home and take care of her. Raghav says of course, give resignation, then you will have time, you have two options, work here or spend time with wife. The man says fine, I will work here.

Pandey says you did right. Raghav says I m regretting to takeover this company, everyone is useless, they all know making excuses. Pandey says what to do, the man made bad excuse. Raghav sees Naina troubled by back ache.

The guy says Ira calls you heartless, I don’t believe this, else why would you pay this big price, its good you paid the price, otherwise I would have leaked the MMS. Raghav gets angry.

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