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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 07 April 2017 PMHMD Written Update

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 07th April 2017 PMHMD Written Episode 07.04.2017

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 07 April 2017 episode starts with Raghav beating up Veer. Dadi and everyone come and stop Raghav. Veer says Dadi is standing here, fit and fine, who can say she woke up from coma, we thought she will die, but she is alive. Raghav gets angry. Veer says stand there, don’t think I will get beaten up, mind your own business. Raghav holds his collar. Dadi stops Raghav. Veer insults Dadi.

Dadi cries. Naina scolds Veer for using women for his use, people like you should be publicly insulted. Veer says waitress Naina, will you insult me. Raghav says I will get you punished, now laws will teach you, police is coming. Veer says in that case, all should go to jail, we are responsible for Dadi’s state. Sudha says disgusting Veer, you want to get us punished for Dadi’s state. Madan says Dadi went in coma because of you. Veer asks what are you saying. Everyone lie and do drama. Sudha asks Veer to just go from here, you just gave sorrow. Madan says Raghav did right, send him to jail. Veer asks what. Police comes and arrests Veer.

Veer says you became Lord by getting money, you will pay for this, wait and watch Raghav. He is taken away. Raghav and Naina leave. They see Dadi and ask is she fine. Dadi says I was afraid of this. Raghav says this had to happen, Veer got punished for his mistake. Naina asks shall I sleep with you today. Dadi says no, I m fine. Dadi asks them to go and sleep. She stops them seeing them go either ways, and asks them why are they going in different rooms.

Raghav and Naina smile. Raghav makes story that Naina kicks him in sleep, I want to sleep well, I m tired of all day work. Dadi pulls their ears and says acting smart. She asks Raghav not to leave Naina alone at night, can’t you bear some kicks, even wife does much work all day. He says of course, I can have kicks. Dadi leaves them to room and asks him not to leave Naina alone. She goes.

Raghav says I won’t sleep on ground, I get backache. She asks you mean baby and I will sleep down. He says I did not say that. They rest on the bed. She keeps pillows in between. He asks her to switch off lights. She says lights will be on. He asks why are you awake. She says how can anyone lie so much. She counts his lies. He says I don’t want to fight, I have to wake up early and manage business. She says big people, big talks. She leans over her and switches off the lights. He says throw dirt out of mind, its my room, lights will be off. He sleeps. She switches on lights. He gets up and asks what happened now.

She says I was thinking, how was it proved that you are my child’s Papa. He says he was Khurana’s doctor, maybe he did something, think it was luck and sleep. She says maybe you are really the father. He asks what. She says I mean, did you take wrong advantage of me in Austria, I had wine, I was not in senses. He asks are you blaming me. She asks why are you shouting. He leans over again and switches off lights. They sleep. She kicks him. He gets up and asks why are you kicking me. She says you told Dadi that I kick you in sleep. She jokes on him. She switches off lights. They sleep.

Harjeet has a voodoo doll and says we have to hurt the baby, while Naina is at home, just kill anyone coming in your way, none should know what’s happening. The man agrees. The thief goes to Naina and Raghav. They wake up. He shoots Raghav and catches Naina. Naina shouts Raghav and wakes up. Raghav asks what happened. She asks are you fine, that man…. He asks what. She says that man is here. He says look at me, there is no one. She hugs him. Kal ho na ho….plays………

He asks what did that man do with me, you and your baby are fine, have water, you will feel fine. She holds his hand and asks where are you going. He says washroom. She says please don’t go, I m scared. He says fine, sleep now, no one can come here. She says don’t shut the lights. He says fine and makes her sleep. She holds his hand and sleeps.

Armaan meets Veer in police station and taunts him. He says I heard your family left you alone, why, family has duty to help in tough time. Veer says they framed me to save themselves, I will sink along them, I have a special plan for Naina and Raghav. Armaan says fine, make them, when you go out from here, implement it. Veer gets angry.

Raghav has neckache. Dadi asks what happened. Raghav says my neck got stiff, I was fighting with someone. Naina says I m tensed about dream, you are joking. Raghav says forgive me, I got shot and died in your dream, people will laugh knowing I died by fork. Dadi asks him not to tease Naina. He leaves for office. Dadi asks Naina not to feel bad, his sleep did not get well, so he is saying so, such dreams are normal. Naina asks really. Dadi says yes. Naina recalls the dream.

Raghav says who would dare to come here and hurt Naina. Veer aims gun at them.


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