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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 11 April 2017 PMHMD Written Update

Star Plus Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11.04.2017 Written Update PMHMD 11th April 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11 April 2017 episode starts with Veer running away. He falls on the stairs. Raghav catches him and asks how did you come here. Sudha asks Madan to do something. Veer says yes, I have shot. Madan asks what are you saying. Raghav says you took a girl’s life. Veer says I don’t know her, she came in between, now none can come between you and me, I will kill you and Naina now. Raghav says its good, you said on face, you killed an innocent girl, you want to kill me, fine, I m standing in front of you, shoot. Naina says no Raghav. Raghav asks her to go away. Dadi stops Naina.

Veer sees her. Raghav holds the gun and shoots in air. They fight. Veer catches Naina and aims gun at her. Raghav asks him to leave Naina. Veer asks why, are you scared, I will kill your wife and child. Dadi says don’t do this Veer. Veer says you made us away for this servant, if you come between, I will kill you too, go away. Dadi cries and says this is my blood. Raghav says leave her. Veer asks why, this girl ruined my life.

He asks everyone to move back. They all ask him to leave Naina. Khurana says this is not right, I can’t see this drama. Harjeet says no, I won’t let you go there, I can’t sacrifice my son, you won’t go there. Raghav says none will come in between and goes.

Dadi cries and says Veer caught Naina, someone save Naina. Zeenu and Dilraj hold her. Sudha says you worry for that baby, who is not yours, you are not worried for Veer, what are Raghav and Naina for us, Veer is the heir of this family. Pam says please calm down. Sudha says you don’t get in this, I should have done this before. She scolds Dadi. Dadi gets angry and shouts on Sudha. Dadi says Veer is not my blood, he is not Lala ji’s blood, he is a snake whom you all gave birth, he is born by your greed, you made him blind, he does not know difference between right and wrong, you all made him drink, you filled poison in his heart, you all did this. Dilraj asks her to calm down, we will go upstairs, we will save Naina.

Pam asks why is Veer doing this. Veer drinks. Naina sits and asks Veer to give her some water. Veer says I m not your servant. She requests. Veer says if I fire, the bullet will reach you, shall I fire. She asks why do you want to kill me, please don’t do this. He sits near her. He says you were waitress in Austria, its your work to get water, go and drink. He asks her to have wine. She says no, please. She cries. He smiles. She says please, my baby is thirsty. He shouts go and drink. He goes after her. She says what did my baby do, your enmity is with me. He says yes, you have harmed me, since you came in my life, you made my life hell, Dadi wanted me to marry you, since then I m running away and trying to become that person which I m not. He hurts her. He says I m not coward, this is my war and I will win this fight, there is just one ethic, blood for blood.

Dadi asks Veer not to do this. He asks Naina to shout, such that Dadi gets heartattack. He hurts her and asks her to scream. Naina shouts. They all worry. Dadi says leave her Veer. Dilraj says Raghav should be here and shouts for Raghav. Harjeet says we should leave, anything can happen here. Armaan says yes. Khurana says you say they are our family, how can we go, I told Armaan to stay away from Veer, he has gone mad, he can do anything. She says yes, I don’t want to harm you and Armaan, I can’t put your life in risk, what will I do, I know I regard this family as mine, but I m a mum first, people can call me selfish, but you won’t go there. He says I m not coward, nothing will happen to me, I have to save you, I m going. She says but, why will you risk your life for a stranger’s risk. He says maybe I can get my child by my good deed, don’t worry. He goes.

Veer asks Naina where will she get shot, head or stomach. Naina cries. He asks her to take her time, I have much bullets, I can shoot at both places. She cries and sees bathroom. She asks can she go bathroom. He says you are scared seeing death. She asks him to please let her go. He asks her to go. He says do anything there, take your time, but keep the door open. She gets shocked.

Raghav loads the gun. He says if police did not reach here on time, if you don’t listen with peace, I promise I will kill you Veer. Khurana says I m with you. Raghav asks why. Khurana says this is not my style to keep enmity, I do enmity and friendship with passion. Raghav shakes hands with him. They go. Everyone knock door and call out Veer. Sudha and Madan ask him to come. Veer asks them to get lost. Naina goes to washroom. Veer asks her to keep door open. She says I will not try to run, respect a woman, I won’t do anything, I promise. He says fine, do anything. He keeps his hand in between the door and wall. She gets scared and moves back. Raghav says Veer, nothing went wrong, come out, you were saying right, I should have not come in your life. Naina tries to open window. Raghav says sorry, you punish me, come out, don’t do anything to Naina. Veer says its very late now, you are acting, as your wife and child’s lives are in my hand. Raghav says you do anything, punish me, please come out. Veer asks how, if you die without fight, where is the fun, I don’t want life in charity. Khurana stops Raghav and says don’t get angry, just try and talk about property.

Raghav says Veer I will all my money and property to you, live anyway, come out, don’t do anything to Naina. Naina tries to take gun from Veer. She crushes his hand in door. The gun falls. She pushes him and tries to run away. Veer catches her. He says you think you are smart. Raghav asks Naina are you fine. Veer says I will kill you. Naina bites his hand and runs. Sudha asks what’s happening inside. Naina breaks a bottle and says if you try to hurt my child, I will kill you, stay away. Raghav calls her out. Veer says keep it down, you will be hurt.

Naina sits crying with bleeding hands. Naina says I had bottle in hand. Veer snatched it, its bleeding. Raghav calls her foolish. She asks him to explain with love, not shout. Veer says shut up you both, its better I kill you both. Raghav asks her to think and not do anything wrong. He asks Naina not to do any stupidity. He signs Khurana. Veer aims gun at Naina. She cries.

Sudha gets shocked seeing Veer dead. Inspector asks who shot Veer. Raghav says I did. Naina gets shocked.



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