Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 20 March 2017 PMHMD Written Update

Star Plus Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil serial 20.03.2017 Written Update PMHMD 20th March 2017 Written Episode 

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20 March 2017  episode starts with Raghav asking Pandey why is slides not in order, who is incharge. Pandey says Naina, don’t know where is she. Naina comes and says sorry. Raghav says this event is for Dadi, nothing should go wrong. Naina says I know I can lose job. He says you always do mistakes, where did you go to roam.

She says I was doing work, I get checkup done in this hospital and collected reports, I had to revise things in slides, then I remember something. He asks what. She shows Dadi’s pic. She says I thought we, I mean you are doing good work on Dadi’s name, so Dadi’s pic should be there, the needy people should know who is bringing hope in their life, Dadi will get prayers, she will get fine soon.

He asks her to arrange slides. She says Khadus. He asks what did you say. She says nothing, I will do. Raghav goes. Pandey asks nurse to keep slides in order, else Raghav will take hospital on head. Nurse asks him not to worry. Nurse is Parth’s mum. She says Raghav fired Parth from job, see what I do now.

Raghav starts the presentation and tells about a wing on Dadi’s name. Everyone clap. Parth’s mum asks Parth to relax, everything is set, Naina will remember this all her life. Raghav says I will tell about services which this wing will provide. They all get shocked seeing Naina’s pregnancy report. Parth smiles.

Media asks Raghav about Naina, what does it mean to show her pregnancy report on screen. The office colleagues ask Naina about her pregnancy. They taunt Naina for not mentioning father’s name in the report. The girl asks Naina will she not give any lecture now. Naina cries and says I m pregnant, I m not ashamed to hide this, I m proud of my baby. The girl asks why are you ashamed to tell child’s father’s name. Naina says matter is shared with family, why shall I share my secrets with you, I m not ashamed, the man who tried to defame me, he should be ashamed of his thinking. Raghav thinks does Naina think I m so cheap to do this.

Naina says none is feeding me for free, that anyone can point finger at me. Pandey says our office is like big family, if they know big truth, they will be shocked. Naina says fine, if you think we are family, ask me, I m not single, I m a divorcee, I m separated, I left my husband, my husband is not the father of my child, I will feel proud when I deliver this child. She goes and announces she is pregnant, her husband is not father of her child, her child has no father’s name. She says everyone does not get everything, my child is lucky to get mum and dad’s love by me. She goes. Raghav goes after her.

She talks to her baby and says let people say anything, they just know to point fingers, I m on you, maybe people don’t accept us, but I did not say wrong, I will love you a lot. Raghav hears her. Naina promises her child and asks child to cheer up, I love you. She leaves.

Pandey asks the girl to forget it. The girl says Naina said its our choice to support her or not, I will not sit beside her. Rajan says send letter to Raghav and say we won’t work with Naina. Raghav says Rajan get ready to sign your resignation, this is my office, what will you do, listen to me, Naina’s decision is her own, where did everyone’s energy go now. The girl promises they will not be partial to Naina. Raghav says you will lose job and bonus if you get biased.

Khurana tells his mum about Armaan blackmailing Raghav by Ira’s MMS. She asks what, how did he think so, I will get him punished. He says you don’t need to do this. She says you would be thinking, your dad gave you a problem.

He asks her not to say this, you are my mum, how can you be problem on me. She says when Armaan was going to be born, eclipse was happening, I asked doctor not to do my delivery, doctor and your dad did not agree, Armaan is such because of eclipse, my son can’t be bad, I will get him punished, come with me to police station. He says Armaan will get lesson, once I m sure he is changing, I will get him out of jail, relax, I had to tell you one more thing. She asks what, is Ira pregnant, what did Armaan do.

He says no, listen to me, my child is going to come. She asks how. He says Ahana left me, but she left my child. She says Ahana could not conceive. He says by surrogacy. She says its illegal in Austria. He says you know my and Ahana’s relation, we loved each other a lot, I told her child is not so imp, but she did not agree. She says she always wanted her child. He says that’s why, we fought a lot, I threatened to give her divorce, she did not agree and did surrogacy. She says I think she hired surrogate before her death, she left new hope for us.

He says I m going to become father, I will find that surrogate and child. He hugs her. She says yes, you don’t know I got such good news after long, go and get the heir of this house. She blesses him. She says I will pray to Lord that your search ends well. He goes. Dilraj tells Zeenu that she saw a bad dream, call Naina. Zeenu says you got scared by a dream.

Dilraj says call her or her colleague. Zeenu calls Raghav. She asks is Naina at office, landlady is stressed. Raghav says Naina left in afternoon. Zeenu says why did she not come home, did anything happen in office. Raghav says don’t worry, I will see. He thinks did Naina take any step after what happened in office.

Khurana’s mum says I did Ahana’s accident, I will find your baby and send to you. Raghav looks for Naina

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