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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 30 December 2016, PMHMD Written Update

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 30.12.2016 WU

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil serial episode (30th December 2016) starts with Naina crying seeing Raghav. Veer taunts Naina on her status. Naina says I know my status, but Raghav regards you brother, how can you do this. Guard asks Raghav to get his pants off. Dadi comes there. Raghav cries. Dadi gets shocked and asks what’s happening, stop this immediately. Dadi asks guards not to doubt on her servants. She does not see Raghav’s insult. Guards leave. Raghav removes belt. Guard says sorry Sir, we got the wallet. He gives back his clothes and leaves.

Naina asks Veer how can you do this to play with his result, how dare you do this. Dadi asks Veer did you do this, you did big mistake by getting Raghav checked, did you forget Raghav supported you, you came back home because of him. Veer says what did I do, I asked them to check
everyone. Dadi says remember my eyes are on you, no more mistakes, else I will forget you are going to give me big happiness, wrong is wrong, I will not bear it. Veer goes.

Dadi stops Naina and sees Raghav wearing back clothes. She says when me and my husband came here, we used to work in foreigner’s house, there was theft and my husband was blamed, my husband said we came to earn here, we were newly married, I did not know him much, but that day I knew him completely, his self esteem, greatness and clean heart, I united with him with his pain that day, relations are many, but where pain is divided, think that relation is strong, where someone cries for someone’s pain, then that’s real marriage, I have seen same pain and anger in you which I experienced, I m glad you understand Raghav’s pain. Naina goes.

Dadi thinks Raghav always wanted a family, I m glad that Raghav will get a family in her. Naina goes to Raghav and sees him crying. She asks him to come, he will catch cold sitting outside. She turns to go. He asks her to sit. He says I can’t believe Veer has done this to insult me, I feel it was done intentionally, Veer did wrong with you, what he did with Sanjana, I raised hand on Veer angrily, I told Dadi to get Veer back home for Sanjana’s sake, so that her life did not spoil, when he came to me for presentation, I thought he changed, now I think its all a lie, am I big loser that someone fooled me again. Koi apne suraj se…..plays…. She says you will catch cold, have jacket. She makes him wear his jacket.

He says its because of my habit to trust people. She turns and cries. She says you talk a lot Raghav, I got to know now so I came to tell you, Veer asked guard to check someone else and they checked you, Veer was angry and cut down their money saying how can they check family. He asks really. She says yes, Veer was coming to apologize, I said I will manage. He asks really and hugs her. He says thanks, I was in tension thinking no one likes me, thanks. Kal ho na ho…..plays……. He gets away and says sorry, don’t hit me with pepper spray. She smiles and says its fine. He says everyone was of family, it was misunderstanding. She says yes, Dadi got angry. He says I feel bad, I will go and talk to Veer. Naina stops him and says we should leave few things, I mean I managed, let it be. He agrees and says Lord was making me leave trust, I have one thing, trust, Lord don’t take my trust next time. She asks him to come.

They come to outhouse. He says I got plate for you. She says I thought you are hungry and got food plate for you. They smile and exchange plates. He sees and says who eats karela, its bitter. She asks don’t you like it, I love karela. He says I dislike it. She says its healthy, I will get something else. He says no, we will share. She sees food he got. She makes face seeing rajma. He asks what type of punjabi are you. She jokes and says I can’t eat rajma.

He says I think we will need time to understand each other’s likes and dislikes, we will exchange plates. They exchange plates and sits to have food. Jab tak ambar dharti…..plays…… Its night, Raghav sleeps. Naina opens cupboard and few things fall. She sees family pic, where Raghav is seeing Sanjana. Main tenu samjhawan ki……plays……

She sees the greetings and reads. Raghav writes he has kept coffee cup and letter, he can never send letter, but he can write what he feels about her, he loves her more with growing time. She keeps things back and says Raghav loved Sanjana before marriage, why am I feeling bad, I don’t care. She goes to sleep and gets restless.

Raghav wakes up and greets her morning. He asks how did you wake up early. She says I did not get sleep. He asks did you miss anyone, I will make coffee. She says I don’t want, you make for yourself. She goes. He says why is her mood upset, maybe by my hug.

Shaurya sees chocolates and teddy. He asks Raghav what shall I gift my Gf, how to please girls. Raghav says don’t give anything, you don’t have talent to please girls, did you ask any girl are you okay. Shaurya says yes. Raghav says she will say she is fine when she is not, you can’t understand her. Shaurya asks what do you mean. Dadi pulls Raghav’s ears and says some things are about feeling, but Naina would tell you.

Raghav says no, she did not say and said she is fine. Dadi thinks maybe Naina did not forget what happened with Raghav in party. She asks him to take Naina on special romantic dinner, do what mature couples do. Raghav says i have to meet Veer about project work. Dadi says leave work, take Naina for dinner, this is my order, take her to good restaurant. Sudha comes and smiles hearing them. Naina thinks of Raghav’s greetings and letters. She says I should not feel bad, I should forget it. Raghav comes and asks her to talk to others, not herself. She says I m working. He says don’t cook now, we will go out for lunch. She asks why should I go with you. She says Dadi told me. She thinks so he is taking me on Dadi’s saying, he wants to have dinner with someone else actually.

Asha says I asked good groom for Naina, I did not know I will get angel for him. Raghav asks her to smile and not be senti. Asha says Naina is lucky to get a husband like you. She hugs him.


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