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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 14 November 2016, PMHMD Written Episode

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 14.11.2016, PMHMD Written Update 14th Nov 2016 WU

The Episode starts with Naina crying and resting in Chanchal’s lap. Chanchal asks her not to cry thinking of loser Amit. She consoles Naina and says you loved Amit a lot, now we will get your love, you can love the coming baby, forget Amit, mumma will be shocked and get in stress by society taunts. She asks Naina not to tell mumma, and stay here, we will find some reason, and about loser Amit, we will not leave him. Naina says no, it was my mistake, how did I trust Amit. Someone comes. Naina says I will see. Chanchal says you sit, I will check.

She greets a man Janardhan ji. He says no need to welcome me, its my house, I m not Janardhan, its just John. Chanchal says sorry. He asks for rent. Raghav gets flowers for Dadi and flirts. She says don’t flirt, your Dada ji used to
flirt and get flowers while returning home. He asks what are you finding. She says your Dada ji’s walking stick. He says I will find it. She says I did not get it.

Pam looks on and thinks keep finding, I made it disappear, sorry. Dadi says Pam might have misplaced it, its Dada ji’s last memory, its my life. Raghav says don’t worry, have water, I will find it, promise. He fixes flower in her hair and goes. Chanchal asks John can’t he see she is pregnant, everything is difficult. John says no excuses, pay the rent, or move out. Naina greets him and says don’t stress Chanchal, I m her sister, I promise I will pay rent tomorrow. Chanchal says of course. Naina asks John to understand her being an India. He says fine, but don’t be late. He leaves.

Chanchal asks Naina are you mad to promise him, 500 EUR is the rent. Naina says mum gave me this ring for marriage, I will sell this and pay rent. Chanchal asks her to think. Naina says whats there to think, I will get burden free by removing this ring and your rent can be paid, I will just come. Chanchal asks her to listen. Naina goes. Chanchal gets glad that Naina is managing the house and paying rent too, free Aaya/maid and paying Kiraya/rent also.

Raghav asks the man did you sold it, it was for charity, where did you sell it off. Naina goes to sell her ring. Raghav comes home and tells Dadi that someone has sold that stick. Dadi asks him to buy it back, how will anyone know what you want if you don’t say, take this money, buy the stick. He says I don’t want. She says you saved my heart from breaking, use this for yourself or someone else, go and get the stick. He leaves.

Raghav finds the stick at some shop and smiles. Naina is at same shop and removes her ring. She recalls her mum. She gives ring and asks how much for this. The man says 200 EUR. She says you are mistaken, its costly in India, please be fair. Raghav asks the price for stick. The man says 150 EUR. Raghav asks that’s it? Naina asks the man to help her, she has to pay rent. Raghav says Dadi gave me much money and asked me to use.


The man shows the ring to other man, and says an Indian girl wants 500 EUR for this ring. The other man says no, just 200 EUR. Raghav asks what happened. The man tells Raghav that Indian girl is selling her mum’s gifted ring for some emergency, maybe there is some emergency. Raghav says its good day, Dadi got the stick back and if any Indian girl gets homeless, it won’t look good. Naina takes 200 EUR and leaves. Raghav asks where is that Indian girl. The man says she is gone. Raghav says I want to buy that ring. The man says I will sell for 300 EUR, but as you are Indian, I will give you for 200 EUR. Raghav says no, give me for 500 EUR, who will help an Indian if an Indian does not. The man says sure. Raghav gets glad. The man goes to Naina and gives more 300 EUR. She asks how. The man says an Indian guy has bought your ring and paid 500 EUR for it. Naina thanks him. Naina apologizes to her mum for selling the ring and says this ring could not save a marriage, but saved Bhaiya’s house.

Dadi gets the stick and looks at Pam. Pam gets tensed. Dadi shows the stick and asks where was this. Pam says don’t know. Dadi says this was sold, how. She scolds Pam for giving everything in charity and showing off. She says this time you asked for 20000 EUR for charity, I will cancel that payment. Pam says no, my friends won’t allow me in party, I mean they will be sad. Dadi says its final.

Balraj asks Pam to stop Raghav, else he will make Veer my boss and your dreams to get Veer and Sanjana married will not succeed. She says I will make Dadi beat Raghav with the same stick, else my name is not Pam.

Naina talks to Zeenu on video call and tells that Amit cheated me, he was behaving strange, he did not answer me right, I came here alone just for him, you lied to me, his mom insulted you and mum. Zeenu apologizes and says aunty stopped me. Naina says don’t tell this to mum, her dreams….. Naina sees her mum behind Zeenu and changes the talk. She asks Zeenu to come Austria. She greets her mum. Her mum says you did not do this right, could you not arrange video calling for me, if you arranged medicines and checkups. Zeenu says we have to talk some secret, and asks her mum to wait.

Naina tells Chanchal that she will go back India, mum needs me. Chanchal asks her to stay till baby comes. Naina says I m worried for mum’s health, she got one heart attack too. Chanchal asks her to think what people will say. Naina says I don’t care, I m worried for mum. Rajeev says right, but you came on one way ticket, stay here till you arrange money, do some job. Naina agrees and says till when will I be burden on you. Chanchal says not burden, say help, how will you work without work permit. Naina says I will find some work. Chanchal looks at Rajeev. He leaves.

Naina and Chanchal meet John. Naina pays rent and says you will get rent on time always. He says I m hearing this for the first time. Naina asks him to help her for some work. He says Of course, I can help a sincere girl like you, but you a tourist. Chanchal says then you have to stay with me. He says you can work in my hotel. Naina says it will be fine. Chanchal says what rubbish, will you wash utensils in hotel. Naina says its okay. Chanchal says you take care of me and manage my home, and then do job too, mumma will feel bad when she knows. Naina asks for some work. He tells about night job, waitress work in his night club, she will get leave late, its upto you. Chanchal smiles.

Naina tells Raghav that you would be thinking I show good values and working in night club here. Raghav says no, I m seeing that girl who is determined to fulfill her dreams….

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