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Pehredaar Piya Ki 24th July 2017 Written Update PPK Written Episode

Sony TV serial Pehredaar Piya Ki Written Update 24th July 2017, Pehredar Piya Ki 24 JUly 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Pehredaar Piya Ki 24 July 2017 episode starts with Maan Singh’s brother asks Sajjan who he is to stop Ratan. Sajjan says, father-in-law. Ratan’s family is shocked. Sajjan shows them video of Maan Singh’s message to his family about Ratan and Diya’s marriage. Sajjan tells Ratan’s family that Maan Singh wanted Diya to become guard of Ratan. Maan Singh’s brother gets angry and says he doesn’t believe all this. Sajjan says it doesn’t matter what he thinks. This is the truth. He requests everyone to do rituals when relatives come shortly and also peacefully perform final rituals for Maan Singh at his place only.

Ratan wants to see Maan Singh. Diya’s sister tells him he can’t see him now and tells him that he has very big responsibility now. He questions why his parents left him. Who

he will sleep with now? play? Diya is there. He goes to her and asks whether he is orphan now? Diya’s sister says he has with his wife him now and consoles Ratan. Choti thakurayan hears all that.

Later, Choti thakurayan comes to Diya. Diya takes her blessings. Choti thakurayan says no one gets beauty and smartness both and asks whether she is beautiful or smart. Diya tells her not to refer as Thakrani, she’s very young. Choti thakurayan says age wise she’s young but she’s Ratan’s wife, so she is Thakrani. She says if this incident didn’t happen, then she would have welcomed her Thakrani in the Rajput. Choti thakurayan calls Diya’s sister and asks her to distribute some gift among all. Diya says she’s her sister. Choti thakurayan apologises saying she misunderstood. She says she can’t take gift back either and asks Diya’s sister to keep it. She doesn’t take it. Diya’s mum goes to her and asks her to take it. Choti thakurayan then tells Diya to get ready, she will do her and Ratan’s abhishek ritual. Diya and her family leave.

Sajjan tells Ratan that he will become Dada hukum today. He will be on highest position in his house and he will have many responsibilities. Sajjan tells priest to hurry up for Abhishek as Ratan doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Maan’s brother whispers now 9 year old will take Dada Hukum place. Ratan is not feeling well, but he says he will fulfill his responsibility.

Choti thakurayan gives Padma’s jewelries to Diya and says along with that she has gotten her responsibilities too. They make Diya wear all jewelries. Choti thakurayan says now everyone in house will run on her finger when putting ring in her finger. Other side, Ratan gets Dada Hukum pagdi. Maan’s brother and other men in family do rituals and touch his feet. Choti thakurayan tells Diya now she will get biggest responsibility of Padma.. keys of the house. Choti thakurayan’s servant had purposely kept keys in fire so it gets hot, so when keys is put in Diya’s waise, she throws them away. Everyone over there says seems like Thakrani got scared and such a big insult. It’s not easy to take such a big responsibility. Diya is hurt and is crying under the veil. Diya and her family look at Choti thakurayan.

25th July 2017 Precap:

Choti thakurayan tells that Ratan didn’t know that princesses are in stories only. In reality, there are none.


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