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Porus serial upcoming story – Puru and Bamni to have a battle ahead

Sony TV Porus serial latest news and future twists

Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Porus serial in the upcoming episodes of the show.

It is seen that Porus makes an entry in Bamni’s province. He is ready to fight with his dad. Bamni wants Dasyus to get punished, as they have created a lot of problems. Bamni has challenges Dasyus to come in front and have a war. Puru accepts Bamni’s challenge. He faces Bamni. Puru says I will surely give you an answer. They both are unaware of their relation. Puru doesn’t know Anusuya is his mother. Puru takes Bamni’s blessings before the fight. Bamni too blesses him. Anusuya witnesses the father-son moment. 

Puru has a motive to bow down in front of Bamni. Anusuya and Bamni have a hit and miss. They both realize each other’s presence. Anusuya was caged by Bamni’s guards. She was mistaken to be an intruder. The guard tells everyone that Anusuya looks mad, but maybe she has a relation with Dasyus. The man orders the guard to kill her. Anusuya pleads for her life. They doubt that Anusuya is Puru’s group member. Puru comes there and saves Anusuya. He respects Anusuya. She feels some connection with Puru.

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