Premer Fande, Zee Bangla – Rishi to throw away Mohor from home

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Fans of Zee Bangla’s Premer Phande will have gear up for some interesting drama in forth coming episodes!

It is seen how Mohor (Mishmee Das) had to intervene in order to save Rishi (Rajib Basu) from getting embarrassed. Also, we have see that the Ganguli family knows about the inclination of Rajukumari (Kasturi Bhadra) towards Rishi.

Now in the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Rishi will refuse of having any relationship with Rajukumari.

Next day Rajkumari along with her brothers will land up at the office where Mohor will claim in front of them that Rishi is a married person.

Why will she do that?

Well, she will take the step just to save him from the mess.

However, Rishi will not like it; he will feel insulted. Unhappy with the turn of event, he will make sure that Mohor leaves their house as soon as possible.

Will Mohor actually have to leave the house for Rishi?

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