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Prithvi Vallabh 03 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 03rd February 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’s (03.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts featuring Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) and Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) with Mrinal kidnaps Singhdant and takes him to some place. She attacks him with knife. He asks who are you? Mrinal says you have killed my father. Singh dant says Shivdutt’s daughter Mrinal. She attacks him with knife again. He asks her to listen his side of story. Prithvi is coming there calling Singhdant. Sulochana hears him and takes Mrinal from there forcibly. Prithvi comes to Singhdant and asks are you fine? Singhdant is injured. Prithvi calls soldiers. Soldiers say that girl went behind the palace. Prithvi looks on angry.

Mrinal runs and leaves on her horse with Sulochana. Prithvi follows them. Sulochana asks Mrinal to meet her near River and says she will divert Prithvi and takes her jewellery. They go separate ways. Surprisingly Prithvi comes infront of Mrinal. He makes her fall down from the horse. Mrinal falls down and runs, and falls down in the river, where Sulochana is waiting for her in the boat. Prithvi throws his sword on the boat. Senapati Kalari comes there and asks Prithvi if he do the mistake of leaving them intentionally, as he aim can never be wrong. He says his opposition will prove him wrong now and will snatch the kingdom. Mrinal tells Sulochana that they will place the sword in their palace. Sulochana says Prithvi left us alive intentionally. Prithvi sees people of Malwa mourning and crying for their relatives death who died in the blast. Prithvi feels their pain and gets sad. Sindhu tells mantra that his father didn’t agree to his saying and kept Rangutsav. Mantri says this is the good chance to prove that Prithvi is incapable and this has happened because of him. He says you will become Raja and we will take revenge on Manyakheta after you become king. 

Soldier tells Senapati that Prithvi is getting blamed for this. Prithvi takes responsibility of the blast. Soldiers show truth on him. Prithvi asks them to show honestly and support for Malwa, and says I will be always with you all. Sindhu tells Singhdant that Prithvi Vallabh is responsible for all this.. Mantri says Prithvi proposed Rangutsav and this is the result of it. Maharani says they are waiting for justice. Singhdant gets angry and suspends Prithvi from commander’s post. Sindhu says this is not enough. Mantri says Prithvi did Raj droha and the enquiry shall be in the palace. Singhdant says Prithvi can’t do raj droha. Sindhu asks him to give him punishment then and says you are blindfolded by Prithvi and asks how is your love? Maharani says you are doing injustice? Mantri says if you don’t do anything then people will lose truth on him.

Bhilamp Raj tells Guru Aditya that there is a rumour that Tailap went with a pr*stitute for hunting. Lakshmi tells that if Maharani Jakkave knows about his. Bhilamp Raj says do Mrinal know about this rumour. Guru Aditya says if Mrinal comes to know this, then storm will come.

Kosha wears bridal dupatta on her head and calls herself Maharani Kosha. Tailap asks Soldier about Mrinal and says he will give about his news to Mrinal once she returns. A wild animal is nearby. Tailap tells Kosha that her dream can’t be fulfilled. Kosha says I know. Tailap asks then why do you see such dream. Kosha says for happiness of a moment. Tailap says it gets lost in sometime. Kosha asks him not to worry and says I need place in your heart, and not in your palace. Just then guard seen wild animal coming there and shouts. Tailap comes out with Kosha. Kosha comes infront of Tailap to safeguard him. Wild animal is about to attack Kosha, when soldier throws fire near it making it escape. Kosha faints. Tailap takes her inside. Maharani Jakkave tells that Mrinal succeeded in her mission. Bhilamp Raj says nobody can stop Tailap from becoming Chakravarti. Tailap gets touched with Kosha’s gesture to rescue him. Soldier informs him that Mrinal is returning. Tailap says I have to go. Kosha asks him to go.

Prithvi tells Rasniti that they have to give aid to the people. Rasniti tells about the judgement tomorrow in palace. Prithvi asks him not to worry and goes to meet Singhdant. Singhdant tells that he has never seen any dream from years, but have some hope because of you. Prithvi says I did a big mistake and whole Malwa is paying for it. Singhdant calls him future king and his elder son, says you didn’t do any mistake. He asks him not to think about Malwa and flow in emotions. Prithvi asks why Manyakheta princess wants to kill you. Singhdant thinks this is not the right time to tell him and says Kalari will find out. Prithvi says he is focused on the treatment of the injured people etc. Singhdant says then also you will be blamed and asks him not to accept the blame. Prithvi asks him to take judgement as a king and not as a father and says he did a mistake and is guilty. Singhdant asks what do you want?

Mrinal thinks about prithvi and reads something on his sword. Sulochana tells her that Manyakheta came. Maha kay tells that you are suspended from commander’s post. Prithvi accepts. Senapati Kalari says until the crime is proved, you can’t do this. Sindhu says if the dead bodies shall be presented for proofs. Prithvi requests Singhdant to take decision as a king and says people’s trust shall not break. Maha kay asks Prithvi if he accepts the crime. Rasniti says Prithvi is innocent. Maha kay says that girl was seen in kala bhavan. Rasniti says Prithvi met her in Kala bhavan and she proved her capability as an artiste. Mahakay raises question on Prithvi’s character and blames him. He says we shall end this custom of rangustav for forever.

Prithvi says I am ready to take up this blame and punishment, but that doesn’t mean that Rangutsav shall not be stopped as Malwa’s history is of art and culture. Maha kay says you still thinks of yourself as yuvraj. Prithvi Sindhu blames him for letting Mrinal go. Prithvi takes up the blame. Maha Kay asks Singhdant to kick Prithvi out of Malwa for forever. Prithvi accepts the punishment and says I know from now onwards, I will not be part of the family and will have any contact with anyone. He accepts the punishment. Sindhu smiles. Singhdant is shocked.


Maha Kay asks Sindhu to get Prithvi killed. Kosha dances in the palace infront of Tailap and Maharani jakkave. Mrinal gets restless hearing the song. Prithvi is in jungle in a simple clothes when someone attacks him. Mrinal tells Tailap that she will leave political life after her Malwa victory.

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