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Prithvi Vallabh 10 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 10th February 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’s (10.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh serial episode starts with tribal men attacking Prithvi with weapons. Firstly he runs to hide in a safe place. Then he pounders on them. Last tribal man pleads Prithvi to not to kill his men. Prithvi says they are just unconscious and soon they’ll gain conscious.  

Mrinal greets Guru Aditya. Guru Aditya says, he is saying a change of happiness in her since return from Malwa. Mrinal says its just temporary, real happiness comes only after destroying Malwa. Then Guru Aditya expresses his worry about Manyaketh problems. Mrinal says Tailap’s problem will be resolved soon.

Maharani Jakkala bribes Soldiers and orders them to burn the Kotha. Lakshmi comes there and hears her words. Maharani Jakkala tells that this is the right punishment for Kosha. On other hands, Mausi warns Kosha and asks Why did she replied Maharani Jakkala and made her enemy.

Vilas interferes the Mrinal and Sulochana’s conversation. Mrinal warns her gently for coming without permission. Vilas apologizes Mrinal. Then she sees Prithvi Vallabh sword and asks whose sword it is. She also tries to read the poetic lines on the sword and says the warrior must be a great lover. Vilas asks Sulochana’s help to lift the heavy sword, as she wants to read the lines completely.

In Malwa Singhdant worries about Prithvi. Maharani him that Pruthvi will be fine. He also says, Prithvi is bearing the consequences of his past sins. Maharani says we should accept the truth that Prithvi will never return Malwa. Singhdant asks do you believe that Prithvi won’t return Malwa? Maharani says this is true and the question is when will we both able to accept it?

Rajkumari Amrusha comes to Prithvi in the jungle. She asks him to accept her invitation to come to her place Ujjain. Prithvi tells that her invitation brings happiness and respect. Amrusha asks him to come to Ujjain and says if you marry me then can become Raja of Ujjain. Prithvi says he was never interested to become Raja and says you know it well. He says he is searching his life mission. Amrusha asks him to go on a new journey and says she will wait for him. Prithvi says if I need a true friend then will come to you and asks her to take care.

Maha Kay announces, Maharaj Singhdant is making Sindhu Raj as Sena Pramuk. Singhdant gives the sword to Sindhu. Sindhu proposes that they need to buy arms and weapons to attack neighboring territories. He says neighboring territories should in fear of Malwa. Kalari condemns him and suggests it is not good to kill others without any reason. Sindhu says, Don’t you want us to expand our territory? Singhdant yells at Sindhuraj. He says whatever Kalari said is true, we will discuss it in later sessions.

Mrinal sends Tailap to fight with Singhdant. Singhdant tells Maharani that again Sindhu proposed his idea of expansion in Darbar. He says it is not good to fight and not be jealous of others. Sindhu comes and cuts his hand questioning Singhdant’s love for him. Sindhu says the real pride of a King lies only in victories over other territories.

Soldiers burns Kotha. Razed Mrunal comes to Maharani Jakkala and asks who gave her permission to burn Kotha? Jakkala says it’s you, the one who gave me permission. Mrinal regrets about her decision. She expressed the grief that many Manyakantha women died in the fire. Mrinal orders for reconstruction.

Prithvi is wandering in the Jungle and recalls his childhood. He recalls insisting to Singhdant that he wants to go to Jungle and asks him not to be stubborn. Kalari tells that he will take him and says only if you keep it as a secret and don’t t trouble your father. Prithvi says ok.

Tailap cries thinking about Kosha. Kosha and Mausi reach somewhere safely. Kalari informs Singhdant that Tailap Raj is coming there with his soldiers to attack Malwa and tells that their soldiers are incapable to fight with them. Maharani asks what do you want to say that only Prithvi can fight with them? Kalari says Prithvi is one man army and asks Singhdant to permit him to call Prithvi back. Later Singhdant thinks about Prithvi and the recent happenings and falls down on the bed as he gears to take bath. Maharani gets worried for him.




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