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Prithvi Vallabh 11 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 11th February 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’s (11.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh serial episode starts with an old woman, baby in her hand, yells whose baby is this?

Mrinal looks so tense. Guru Aditya comes to her and says, stop worrying about Tailap. Mrinal says she is waiting for the messenger to seek news about him. Guru Aditya says Tailap is not a child anymore, you made him a proficient king. And asks why did you keep fast? Mrinal says it’s for his safety. Guru Aditya asks Mrinal about her marriage. Mrinal says that she already has a family, you, Tailap, Jakkala, and Satyarsh.  Also, adds that says she has decided to lead her life without a man. Messenger brings Tailap’s letter.

Prithvi meets an old woman in the jungle. She asks who are you? Prithvi smiles, and says, a traveler. The old woman says this is not a town, it is a jungle. She asks him about his aim and destination. Prithvi says he came to her to know his aim and destination. The old thinks he is a nut and asks him to return. Prithvi asks her to tell his address. The old woman asks him to return. Prithvi calls her Maiyi and asks her to tell where to go. She asks him not to eat her brain.

As the old women turn to leave from there and see fireflies around prithvi. She recalls about a found baby in the jungle years ago. She smiles and sees Prithvi playing with fireflies. She says you were standing still there and haven’t you scared of me? She says you will fight. Prithvi says I am back for forever. Old Woman gets tensed.

After escaping from the fire at Kotha, Mausi and Kosha turn up to an unknown place in a cave. Mausi tells Kosha that she can’t have this food. Kosha says we have to wait until Tailap return from war.

Tailap asks his soldier about the attack plan.

Vedanta says to Maharani that Singhdant is traumatized in his heart as Prithvi is away. Kalari asks Maharani to give him permission to give a message to Prithvi. Maharani nods her head. Sindu hears him.

Prithvi comes to old woman’s cave. He makes roti and serves her. Woman taunts him and says people of your world uses leather clothes. Prithvi says he has left that world. Old Woman says you have to become Raja and that’s why you was sent there. Prithvi asks her to make him understand what she is saying.

Maharani Jakala recalls her conversation with his son Satyarsh, who had sent to Gurkula for learning. Lakshmi asks Jakala to call Satyarsh and says parents have right to meet to their children. Lakshmi provokes Jakkala to argue with Mrinal to claim her mother rights. Lakshmi thinks she can see how her future son-in-law is? Lakshmi comes to daughter Vilas and tells soon she will meet Satyaharsh.

Jakala comes to Mrinal and asks her to call Satyasharsh back. Mrinal says it won’t be good for him to come, leaving his Adyay. She says I can understand your pain and you can go and meet him if you want. Jakala says she wants to see him here and wants him to understand political moves of Manyaketh. Mrinal says he is still young and says she will call him when the right time comes. Jakala says not to call her as Maharani. And says you will understand my emotions if you are in relation.

Kalari tells Sindhu that the soldiers were trained by Prithvi Vallabh and they are the strength of Malwa and very much competent. He asks him to give permission to let those soldiers go on war. Sindhu says they are Prithvi’s soldier and tells that even you will not take part in the war. Senapati Kalari is shocked and says you are doing a mistake. Sindu asks him to leave.

Vilas comes to Mrinal and says she is in angry on her. Mrinal teases her and asks about the flowers in her hand. Vilas says there is something special in it. Vilas brings Prithvi’s sword and tells her that she has kept all those flowers which were in this warrior’s poetry. Mrinal throws the bouquet angrily and calls Sulochana asking her to make the sword thrown in the river Godavari. Sulochana scolds Vilas. Vilas asks her to give the sword to her and promises to keep it hidden. Sulochana gives that sword to Vilas.

Singhdant asks Sindu to get back Kalari on war, but Sindu tells that his Pradhan is initiating the war. Singhdant orders him to call Kalari, but Sindu refuses.

Prithvi asks the old woman to tell who am I? What is the aim of my life? Who needs me? Old Woman tells him about finding him in the jungle. She shouts whose baby it is. She sees Big Elephant making sound and calls it Gajkesari.


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